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Create Links in Square Online

There are several destinations and styles of links you can add to your website in the Square Online site editor.

You can also set up a special kind of link known as an anchor link that will take you to a specific section on your webpage. Learn more about how to create anchor links in Square Online.

Destinations You Can Link To

The following destinations are available when creating links with text, images, buttons and your navigation menu.

Link destination options

  • Standard page: Link to an existing page on your website.
  • Category page: Link to a category page.
  • Item page: Link to an item page.
  • Shop All or Order Online: Link to your ordering page.
  • Blog page: Link to your Square Online blog.
  • External link: Link to a different website or URL.
  • Phone link: Link to a phone number that visitors on mobile can tap to call.
  • Email link: Link to an email address that visitors can select to open their email app and send a message.
  • File link: Link to a PDF document that visitors can view or download.
  • Gift Cards: Link to your Square eGift Cards page directly on your site.
  • Appointments: Link to an online scheduler that works with Square Appointments to allow customers to book directly on your Square Online site.

Create Text Links


You can create a link using any text you add to your page. First, highlight the text you want to link on your site, then select the link icon in the editing panel. This will open the link pop-up window where you can select your link destination. Choose an option from the menu, and use the fields below to complete the link setup. Select Save when finished.

Create Image Links


You can also add links to images. First, select the image you want to link, then select the Add link button in the editing panel to open the link pop-up window. Set up your link destination and select Save when finished.

Create Button Links


Many sections offer an action button that you can add a link to. First, select the button on your site, then select the Add link button in the editing panel to access the link pop-up window. Set up your link destination and select Save when finished.

Create Navigation Menu Links


To add a new link to your site’s navigation menu, select either your website header or website footer section. Then, expand the Navigation option and select the button to open the link destination options.


After you select a link destination, you’ll see your new navigation link appear in the links list in the editing panel. If you want to change the order navigation links appear in, select and drag the navigation link in the editing panel to a new position. Learn more about how to create pages and navigation in Square Online for more information on navigation links.

Note: You can add a link to your navigation menu for any of the link destinations previously listed except Phone and Email.

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