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Add and Edit Text in Square Online

Adding a Text Section


The first step is to choose or create the page you want to add text to. Next, click the Add section button to open the sections list.


Sections are categorised by purpose, and while many include at least some text, the sections in the General category are the best options when you want to add more than a line or two. In addition to the basic text section, there are several styles to choose from. You can use any of these regardless of their titles, so if you happen to like the ‘Our Mission’ section, for example, you can use that for any kind of text. Some of these sections include an image, and some – like Customer testimonials – are formatted in a specific way. Click on a section to see a preview, and click Add to apply the selected section to the page. Learn more about working with sections.

Editing a Text Section


Once you’ve added a section, you’ll see the settings on the left. Each text section has different options, but most include additional layout and style settings. You can also turn off some elements using the toggle switch. Click on any item in the list to edit the settings, or click directly on the page to edit the default text and replace it with your own.

Adding and Copying Groups of Text


Some sections, like the basic text section shown in the image above, include an option to add and copy blocks of text within the section. Use the Add group button to add a new block of text, or use the ‘. . .’ to copy an existing block. Click on any item in the Groups list to edit the settings. You can edit the default text for each block individually, but other options – like the layout and style – apply to the whole section. Turning off elements with the toggle switch will also apply to the entire section, so keep that in mind.

Rearrange or Remove Groups of Text


You can rearrange the text on the page by clicking on and dragging them up or down to a new spot in the list. To delete a group of text within a section, click the ‘. . .’ icon across from its name and select Delete. To delete the entire section from the page, click the ‘. . .’ at the top and select Delete.

Adding Links to Text


Some text sections include linked text, like the one shown above, that you can edit. Click the text on the page to open the settings and click the Link option on the left. Click the Add Link button and choose the link destination in the pop-up window. You can also turn these off with the toggle switch.


To add links to plain text in a section, click inside the section and use your cursor to highlight the word or phrase you want to link. Click the link icon on the left and choose the link destination in the pop-up window.