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Add and Edit Text in Square Online

Text is one of the most important forms of content on a website. Start by adding any number of sections to your Square Online site and customizing your text to fit your purpose. Options include plain text, scrolling text, text with images and more.

Add Text


Sections are categorized by purpose. While many include at least some text, the ones in the “Organize” category in the sections menu are the best options for adding more than a few lines. To start:

  1. From your Square Online site editor, open the page you want to add a text section to.

  2. Select +Add > Section and choose a section type best suited for your purpose.

  3. Select the section to see your customization options appear in the editing panel.

  4. Complete your edits and Publish your site to see the changes live.

Add a Scrolling Marquee

Note: Add a scrolling marquee by upgrading your Square Online subscription.

Horizontal scrolling marquees add dynamic visual interest to your website, giving you a way to bring attention to anything you want to highlight. To add a scrolling marquee to your site:

  1. From your Square Online site editor, open the page you want to add a scrolling marquee to.

  2. Select +Add > Section and select Scrolling text.

  3. In the editing panel, select Add group to add up to six text groups in the marquee.

  4. Adjust the scroll direction, speed, spacing and other design elements of your section.

  5. Publish your site to see the changes live.

Customize Text Sections

Note: Unlock additional section layouts by upgrading your Square Online subscription.

For certain sections in the Square Online site editor, you can easily add new areas called “groups” within the section to ensure consistency between all of those areas.

For example, the Text and image sections allow you to add a number of groups to the section. Depending on the layout, you can add more groups by selecting Add group in the editing panel, and you can toggle display options like section or group titles and descriptions, as well as having the ability to display buttons or images.

See all of your options by selecting the different areas within a section on your site, and select different layouts in the editing panel to customize how your content displays. Each layout comes with numerous customization options.

Add Links to Text

There are many sections where you can highlight a word or phrase, and link it to a different page or site. Learn more about how to add a link your Square Online site for more information.

Choose Fonts

Our font tools help simplify the task of choosing fonts for your website in the site editor. Our curated typefaces are designed to look great together and ensure that your text is reader-friendly on any screen. Learn more about choosing fonts for your Square Online site.

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