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Use Square Pay for Online Orders

Square Pay provides a secure checkout solution for businesses using Square Online, making visits with customers faster and easier. Square Pay allows buyers to save and reuse their payment details when ordering from a Square Online site or Square Payment Links link. The saved information is linked to the mobile phone number they enter during checkout, and includes their name, email, address, and card details. 

After a buyer opts in to Square Pay, they can access their saved information when ordering from any Square Online site or Square Online Checkout link in the future. Buyers can set it up easily and update or delete their information at any time.

Square Pay provides benefits including:

  • Higher customer retention: Customers that use Square Pay have a 1.5x* higher retention rate compared to customers who do not use Square Pay.

  • Faster checkout: Customers who use Square Pay checkout 2.5x** faster than those manually entering credit card information.

  • A built-in secure digital wallet: Square Pay is built into your Square Online website so when customers checkout, they have a digital wallet they can trust to help keep their payment information secure.


Note: Square Pay is a buyer-facing feature that can't be disabled. This built-in digital wallet can help your customers checkout quickly and securely and is supported on all Square Online sites and Square Online Checkout links.

Learn more about accepting payments on Square Online for more information on all of your online payment options. You can also learn more about getting started with Square Payment Links.

Buyer First-Time Setup

When making a purchase from a Square Online site or Square Online Checkout link, buyers can save their payment information by choosing the Square Pay box during checkout and entering their mobile phone number when completing a purchase. 

Buyers will be able to save their contact information, shipping address, and preferred payment method for their Square Pay profile. They’ll also receive an email confirmation with details on how to access their saved information on future orders.

Buyers can also set up a customer account with your website to view all of their current and past orders, as well as quickly use Square Pay to check out. Learn more about customer accounts for Square Online.

Use Saved Payment Information

Once a buyer opts in, they’ll be able to use their saved payment information on any Square Online site or Square Online Checkout link. Here's how it works:

  1. The next time a buyer is checking out on a Square Online website or Square Online Checkout link, they can enter their phone number and the system will recognize that the buyer has a Square Pay account.

  2. The buyer will be prompted with a six digit code that is sent to the mobile number associated with their Square Pay profile.

  3. Entering the code will auto-complete the rest of the checkout fields with their saved information.

If a buyer prefers not to use the saved information, they can simply close the code window and complete the checkout fields manually. They can also use the Edit links option to make changes to billing information after entering the confirmation code.

Updating Square Pay Payment Information

If a customer wants to update their Square Pay profile, they can visit to update details like their contact information, shipping address, and preferred payment method

Opt Out of Square Pay as a Buyer

Removing buyer information from Square Pay is quick and easy. If you're a buyer of a Square seller, you can remove your information from Square Pay with these steps:

  1. From, enter the email address associated with your Square Pay profile.

  2. Select Next to continue.

  3. When finished, you'll receive an email with a link to finish opting out of Square Pay.

For more details on Square Pay, review the Square Pay Terms of Service and Square Pay Privacy Notice.

*Based on an analysis from May 2022 - May 2023 of customers who used Square Pay vs. customers who did not use Square Pay.

**Based on an analysis from Feb 2023 - May 2023 of customers who used Square Pay with a credit card saved vs customers who used the general credit card entry form.