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Accept Payments on Square Online

Accepting payments with Square is easy on Square Online. Start by going to your Square Online Overview page > Settings > Checkout to explore your options.

Use Square

Square Online is automatically configured to use your Square account to process card payments online. No additional setup is needed. Card payments processed via Square Online, including Square Online Checkout Links and Self-Serve Ordering via QR Codes, is 2.2% per transaction. Learn more about Square’s fees.

Use PayPal

Note: PayPal requires that you upgrade your Square Online site.

With PayPal, you will have access to a more global customer-base, allowing a wider range of people to purchase from your website where their cards may not be accepted. To start, you’ll need a PayPal Business account. If you don’t already have one, convert your personal PayPal account to a Business account, or sign up for a new PayPal Business account.


To set up PayPal with Square Online:

  1. Go to your Square Online Overview page > Settings > Checkout.

  2. Under PayPal, select Connect and log in to your PayPal account to authorise the connection.

Setup Troubleshooting

If you run into an error while connecting Square Online to PayPal, you may need to make some changes to your PayPal account settings to complete the setup process. Follow the guide below for troubleshooting steps:

  1. Log into your PayPal account, and go to Profile > Website payments. Locate the API access section, and select the Update link.

  2. Select Grant API permission under the Pre-built payment solution section.

  3. Paste the following text into the Third-Party Permission Username field, then select Lookup.


  4. Enable the following options under Available Permissions, then select Add:

    • Use Express Checkout to process payments

    • Issue a refund for a specific transaction

    • Authorise and capture your PayPal transactions

    • Obtain information about a single transaction

    • Issue a refund for any prior transaction

  5. Go back to your Square Online Overview page > Settings > Checkout to finish connecting PayPal. When prompted, tick the box to confirm you’ve granted permission through PayPal, and select Done.

Your PayPal account should now be connected, and you can begin accepting payments through Square Online.

Note: If you disconnect your PayPal account, you will need to go through this process again before you can reconnect.

Suspend Accepting Payments

You can temporarily suspend accepting payments for orders from Square Online. To turn off online orders, and suspend taking payments:

  1. Go to your Square Online Overview page > Settings > Checkout.

  2. Toggle off Accept online orders.

When this switch is off, items will still be visible on your site, but won't be available for purchase. This is helpful when you want to put your online business in "vacation mode" for any reason, so new online orders don't come in while you're away. The toggle also makes it easy to turn things back on once you're ready to get back to business.

Note: Apple Pay and Google Pay are not currently supported with Square Online. Buy Now, Pay Later services are also not currently supported. While there isn’t currently a time frame for availability, we are working to integrate online acceptance in the future.