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Square for Restaurants New Employee Checklist

If you’re onboarding a new employee to your restaurant, you can pass them the following checklist to help them stay on track and remember all of the necessary steps to start, run, and complete their shift.

Getting Started

  1. Enter your employee passcode to login.

  2. Clock in and continue to the Square for Restaurants app.

Start a Check

  1. From the Floorplan, click on a table.

  2. Select the number of covers.

Place an Order

  1. From the Menu, add a single item to the check.

  2. Swipe left to remove or swipe right to repeat.

  3. Click the item > Edit.

  4. Add notes, options or modifiers.

  5. Make sure to enter drinks, appetizers and main course(s)

Actions Tab

  • Move: Move a check to a new or merge with an existing check

  • Assign: Transfer to another server

  • Check Name & Notes

  • Item Availability: Make an item temporarily unavailable for sale

Closing Procedures

  1. Run a Shift report.

  2. Make sure checks are closed.

  3. Adjust any open tips.

  4. Clock out after shift report is run.

  5. Close out the cash drawer (if needed).

  6. If paying out tips from the cash drawer, record any cash payouts.

  7. Run close of day!