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Promote your Square Loyalty Program

Once you’ve created your Square Loyalty Program, you’ll can promote and monitor your program right from your Square Dashboard.

Promoting your Loyalty Program

Let your customers know about your Loyalty Program by:

  • Telling them at the point of sale: To enroll, all a customer needs to do is add their phone number at the end of their transaction. To enable this feature:

    • On your Square Point of Sale app or Square Terminal, tap More > Settings > Loyalty and toggle on Customer check in on customer display

    • On Square Register, tap More > Settings > Loyalty and toggle on Show check-in screen at start of transaction. Ensure that the Enable Loyalty on this device option is toggled on in order to update the settings on your device.

  • Announcing your program: Let customers know about your program with a free Square Marketing email and share the details of your program with your followers via social media. You can also notify your customers about your Loyalty program through text message marketing.

  • Square Loyalty Table Tent: Download, print, and display our free table tent by clicking Marketing > Other in your online Square Dashboard.

Loyalty Insights

View insights about your loyalty program in these three sections:

Overview of Metrics

These can be filtered by date and location.

  • Loyalty Visits:

    • Number of new visits

    • Number of repeat visits

    • Total Visits

  • Rewards:

    • Rewards issued

    • Top Customers

  • Loyalty Tiers:

    • Tier members

    • Tier visits

    • Tier sales


In this section, you will see a summary of loyalty activity in your business. This includes enrollment, earned points, point adjustments, earned rewards, redeemed rewards, and emails collected. This is organized by the customer’s phone number and the time the transaction is made.

Click on each activity to see more transaction details. To view the loyalty customer’s profile, click View Customers.

Activity can be filtered by date, location, and type.

Loyalty for Multiple-Location Businesses

If your business has multiple locations, you can create a loyalty program that works across any or all of them. Your customers will be able to earn points and redeem rewards at any of your participating locations. The loyalty subscription cost is based on the number of Loyalty Visits you have across all your locations. Learn more about Square Loyalty pricing.

To get started

  1. Visit Customers > Loyalty in your online Square Dashboard.

  2. Set up your program details and click Save.

Note: If you’d like to offer a free item as a loyalty reward, you must select an item or category from each location’s Item Library in the reward field. This must be done to ensure coupons are redeemable across all business locations. Your customers won’t be able to redeem coupons at any locations that don’t have an item selected.

Create a Loyalty Promotion

Once you’ve set up your loyalty program, you can create customizable promotions to incentivize customers to return to your business to earn extra rewards on their purchases. Promotions help increase traffic and keep your business top of mind with your customer base, and you can use Square Marketing to notify your buyers about special offers.

When creating a promotion, you can choose from templated promotions like holiday specials, item spotlights, and boosts for slow hours, or you can create your own promotion from scratch.  

Learn how to get started with creating a Square Loyalty promotion in our Support Center.