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Get Started with Square Loyalty Promotions

With Square Loyalty, you can create a digital reward programme to offer customers rewards with their purchases. By creating promotions within your Loyalty programme, you can incentivise your customers to return to your business to earn extra rewards. 

Create a Promotion

To create a Loyalty promotion, you’ll need to have an existing Loyalty programme set up. Learn more about setting up your Square Loyalty Programme.

To create a promotion:

  1. Log in to your online Square Dashboard and click Loyalty.

  2. Click Loyalty Promotions > Create promotion.

  3. On the Promotion Setup page, give your promotion a name. If you have multiple locations, pick the locations where you want to run your promotion. Note: Promotion names are limited to 50 characters or less.

  4. Continue to fill in your promotion information, including the promotion date range and the times and days of the week the promotion is available.

  5. Within Promotion details, choose your promotion type and value. You can select from a point multiplier (like buyers earn double points on a transaction) or custom points (like buyers earning an extra five points on their transaction).

  6. Indicate the minimum spend amount per transaction. Note: A minimum spend amount is on top of your Loyalty programme’s minimum spend amount. If your promotion does not have a minimum spend amount, any minimum spend requirements for your programme will still apply to the transaction. Minimum spend amounts do not apply to item or category-based Loyalty programmes.

  7. If applicable, indicate the required item(s) per transaction that the promotion will apply to along with the reward type.

  8. Click Launch promotion.

Once you create a promotion, you can view and edit your promotion from the Promotions tab in the Loyalty section of your online Square Dashboard. 

No action is required from the business or the customer to apply a promotion to a sale. Promotions will automatically apply to qualifying transactions during the checkout process with your customer, and transactions that do not meet your promotion criteria will not be awarded the additional points. A buyer’s promotional points will also automatically adjust for refunded transactions. 

Note: Loyalty promotions are limited to one transaction per customer per day, and are available to all customers enrolled in your Loyalty programme. Purchases from your Square Online site are not eligible for Loyalty Promotions at this time.

Remove a Promotion 

To remove a promotion from your Square Loyalty programme:

  1. Log in to your online Square Dashboard and click Loyalty

  2. Click LoyaltyPromotions and select the promotion you want to delete. 

  3. Click Cancel promotion.

Send Promotion Campaigns

If you subscribe to Square Marketing, you can send email marketing campaigns to your customers about your promotion details. Buyers have to provide either their phone number or email address to check in with or enrol to your Loyalty programme.

If sending an email marketing campaign, you’ll need to create the campaign from the Marketing tab of your online Square Dashboard. Email campaigns can only reach customers with an email address on file.

Customers who receive a campaign message from you can see additional details about your promotion through their online buyer status page.

Learn more about getting started with Square Marketing.

Promotions Reporting

If you are using text message marketing to reach your customers, once you've created your first promotion your promotion details will be reflected in your Loyalty reporting once you create your first promotion. For any promotion, you can see the following pieces of reporting data:

  • Customers claimed: The number of buyers who triggered the promotion and the number of times they triggered the promotion.

  • Attributable transactions: The number of transactions where the promotion incentive was triggered.

  • Attributable sales: The total amount of sales from transactions where the promotion incentive was triggered.


Are buyers able to apply rewards earned during a promotion to the initial transaction?

No. Loyalty points that are earned as part of a promotion will be earned during the current transaction but will only contribute to a reward in a follow-up transaction.

Does a promotion replace my existing Loyalty programme setup?

No. Loyalty promotions are point multipliers or additions that are layered on top of your current Loyalty programme and do not replace your existing programme setup.

For example, if your existing Loyalty programme states that buyers earn 10 points for every visit, and a buyer qualifies for a 3x points during a happy hour promotion as part of a transaction, the buyer will earn 30 points for that transaction.

Buyers will only earn the promotional reward or points if the transaction qualifies for points.

Can I specify a minimum spend amount for my promotion if my Loyalty programme is set up for item or category-based rewards?

No. Minimum spend amounts only apply to visit-based or amount spent programmes at this time.

Are we able to apply multiple promotional incentives to one transaction?

No. Only one promotion incentive can be earned as part of a transaction. In an instance where two promotions are triggered during a transaction, the most recently created promotion will apply.

Can promotions award a percentage amount or monetary amount off of a transaction?

No. Loyalty promotions can either be a point multiplier (like double points earned during happy hour) or a custom point amount earned (like five or 10 additional points) per transaction.

Can promotions be applied to purchases on my Square Online site?

Not at this time, but this is functionality we plan to make available soon.