Apply Rewards to Purchases

You can redeem rewards from the Square app by searching for your customer’s name, email address, or phone number, or by entering their reward code. Be sure you’re using the most updated version of the Square app to access this feature.

Apply a Reward to a Current Sale:

  1. Visit your item library by tapping this symbol: Item Library icon in the Square app
  2. On an Android device, tap Rewards. On an iOS device, skip to the next step.
  3. Tap Redeem Rewards.
  4. Enter your customer’s 10-digit phone number to search for available rewards.
  5. Select rewards to apply them to your customer’s cart. Multiple rewards of different types can be applied at the same time. For example, you can apply a reward for a percentage, and additionally a reward for a dollar amount on a single sale. If only one reward is available, that reward will automatically be applied. A single reward cannot be applied to more than one sale, even if the full reward is not redeemed.

Redeem rewards finder pop-up window within Square Point of Sale on an iPad.

Note: A punch card needs to be complete in order for the reward to be searchable in the Square app. If rewards are unavailable, No Matches Found will appear.

You can also view or remove rewards applied to a sale from the app’s payment screen. To do so, tap Discounts from your current sale to show the applied rewards and/or to remove them from the sale.

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