Create and edit discounts from your online Square Dashboard or from the Square app. After you’ve set up discounts, learn how to apply them at checkout.

Note: If you’d like to create a variable discount so you can enter the amount at checkout, leave the discount field blank.

Keep in mind, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) prohibits misleading “former price comparisons.” If you advertise or promote item(s) at a discounted price, it’s your responsibility to ensure you’re meeting the FTC’s guidelines.

We recommend you reach out to a legal expert if you have questions about the FTC’s guidelines.

Create and Manage Discounts

Square App

  1. Tap the three horizontal lines at the top-left corner and tap Items.
  2. Tap Discounts > Create Discount or select a discount to modify.
  3. Enter the discount details and tap Save.

Online Square Dashboard

  1. Head to the items tab of your online Square Dashboard > Discounts.
  2. Click Create New Discount.
  3. Enter the discount details and click Save.

Create and Manage Promo Codes for the Online Store

To create a promo code – a discount for online purchases – for your customers to add to their online orders:

  1. Visit the Items section of your your online Square Dashboard > Discounts.
  2. Click Create Discount to add a new discount or select an existing one to update.
  3. Toggle on “Passcode Required” to restrict the ability to apply the discount to certain employees.
  4. Toggle on “Make this discount available in your online store” to allow customers to apply a promo code to their order.
  5. Enter the promo code details and click Save.

It’s important to note that discounts can’t be applied to individual items at this time.

Promo Codes with Multiple Location Management

Follow these steps to create promo codes as you use Square’s multiple location management features:

  1. Go to Items in your online Square Dashboard and click an item in your library.
  2. Under Inventory, choose a location and click Go.

Then follow steps 1-4 from the section above to complete your updates.

Online Store Settings

You can enable discounts for your Square online store.

Name: Enter your promo code name. This code will be used by your customers at the time of the sale to trigger the discount.
Start/End Date: Choose the timeframe the discount will be accepted.
Quantity: You can choose one of two options for discount application: Allow for an unlimited amount to be applied, or, only allow a set amount.

Note on quantity: If you opt to allow a limited number of uses, updating the quantity will work retroactively.

For example: Let’s say you limit the number of times a discount can be applied to 10. If 2 customers use this discount, and you later update to only allow the discount to be applied 8 times, only 6 will remain available for your customers to use in the future.

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