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Create and Manage Bundles with Square for Retail

With Square, you have the ability to sell a combination of complementary products together as a single unit. Referred to as a Bundle, these items can be sold at a single unit price, often discounted. Bundling can be used as a promotional sales strategy by providing upsell and cross sell opportunities to help improve inventory turnover, increase sales, reduce shipping costs, or to introduce new products. Through Square’s support for bundles, you will be able to accurately track inventory on shared components regardless if the item is sold as part of a bundle or as an individual item. 

Note: Bundles are only available with the Square for Retail Plus subscription.

Create a Bundle

You can create a bundle via your online Square Dashboard. To create a bundle:

  1. From your Item Library, click Create an Item

  2. From the Edit Item screen, click Sell as a bundle, then click Select components

  3. Select items to add as components of your bundle. Once all items have been chosen, click Select components

  4. Choose a SKU or GTIN (optional) and a Price for your bundle. Once these changes have been made, click Save to create your bundle. 

Inventory Management with Bundles

View Bundles on Dashboard

To view bundles via your online Square Dashboard:

  1. Navigate to Items, then click Item Library

  2. Search or click on the bundle you want to view. 

  3. From the Component stock screen, click on an item to view Stock details

View Bundles with the Square for Retail POS App 

To view bundles via your Square for Retail POS app:

  1. From the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen, tap ≡ More.

  2. Tap Items, then tap All Items

  3. Search or tap on a bundle to view.

  4.  From the Edit item screen, tap Components to view all items and stock details included in the bundle. 

Edit a Bundle

To edit the quantity or unit of items & variations in a bundle:

  1. From your Item Library, click the bundle you want to edit. 

  2. From the Component stock screen, click the item you want to update. Then, click Manage stock

    1. To update the Quantity, locate the variation and add a quantity in the Qty column. 

    2. To update the Unit, locate the variation and click on the unit listed in the Qty column.

  3. Once all quantities and units have been updated, click Save to complete your changes. 


Who has access to bundles?

The ability to create and manage bundles is only available with the following subscriptions:

  • Square for Retail Plus

Bundles can be sold in the following ways:

  • Square for Retail
  • Square Point of Sale
  • Square Online

What happens to my bundles if I downgrade my subscription?

If you cancel or downgrade your Square for Retail Plus or Square Online Plus subscription you will no longer have access to any bundle-related functionality, such as:

  • Creating, editing, or copying bundles.
  • Bundle availability is no longer calculated based on components and will always 0.
  • If a bundle is sold it will not affect component inventory.

Note: On the item details page for a bundle, you will see a message saying that the bundle is no longer tracking inventory. You will have the option to upgrade to reactivate advanced inventory features.

Where can I create a bundle?

You can create and manage your bundles via your Square Dashboard. Bundles intended to be sold on Square Online also need to be created and managed from Square Dashboard.

Where can I sell my bundles?

Bundles can be sold on any of the products that you currently sell on. If you currently use the standard Square Point of Sale you can subscribe to Square for Retail Plus or Square Online Plus and have the ability to create bundles on your Dashboard and sell on your POS.

Can I add non-sellable item variations to my bundle?

Yes, you can sell bundles with non-sellable items.

Is there a limit to the number of components I can add to a bundle?

Only 20 components can be added to a bundle. The quantity of each item in the bundle is not limited.

I’m having issues with checking out bundles at my POS. How can I troubleshoot?

If you’re having problems selling bundles with your Square for Retail POS, check to make sure your app is updated to the latest version.

Can I use item modifiers when creating a bundle?

No, item modifiers cannot be used when creating a bundle.

Can I fulfill a bundle with inventory that comes from multiple locations?

No. Bundles can only be sold if all components are available from the same location.