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Item Variants or Price Points

Price points offer quick access to item variants, such as sizes, colors, or SKUs. When processing a sale, item variants will display as options in the Square app.

Unlike item modifiers, which are usually used for food (toppings, add ons, or special requests) – variants or price points, will reduce your inventory count if you’ve enabled inventory management. Item modifiers won’t reduce inventory.

Add Item Price Points in the Square App

From an iOS device:

  1. Tap the list icon on the bottom navigation bar to access your item library. 

  2. Tap Edit and then tap the + icon at the top of the page to add a new item. If you want to add price points to an existing item, tap the item in question.

  3. Tap the arrow in the Price field to add additional price points.
    How to create an item on the iPad

  4. Tap the back arrow and then tap Save.

From an Android device:

  1. Tap the three horizontal lines in the top-left corner and tap Items.

  2. Tap All Items > Create Item or tap an existing item you’d like to modify.

  3. Tap Add New Price Point to enter details. 

  4. Tap the back arrow and tap Save.

Note: If you leave the price blank, you’ll create a variable price point, which will prompt you to enter an amount at the time of sale.

Add Item Price Points Online

  1. Visit Articles in your online dashboard and click Create Item or select an item from the list.

  2. Add additional price points by entering a name, price, and SKU. If Inventory is enabled, you can add an In Stock quantity for each variation.

  3. Click Save.