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Create and Manage Items from the Square App

Learn how to create unit types and items from the Square app.

Set Up Your Item Unit Type

Each business is different — some Square Sellers sell whole item quantities (like articles of clothing), while others sell items by weight or length. Some businesses sell both.
By default, each new item you create will have the unit type per item. When you set your unit type, you can choose from a list of preset units, such as kilograms, grams and metres. You can also choose to add your own custom unit — in whole number or decimal quantities.

To set your unit type:

  1. Tap More on the navigation bar.

  2. Next, tap Items > Unit > Create Unit. Search for an existing unit, or scroll to the bottom of the list and select Create Custom Unit.

  3. Next, set the unit precision. Note: The precision helps you keep track of your inventory and item sales price by allowing you to set the item count up to the hundred-thousandths place (.00000).

Keep in mind, each custom unit type must have a unique name. Names are not case-sensitive.

Edit or Delete a Unit Type

To edit or delete a unit type online:

  1. Tap More on the navigation bar.

  2. Next, tap Items > Unit and then click an existing unit. If you’re updating a custom unit, you’ll see the option to change the name and abbreviation. You’ll also see the option to change the precision.

  3. Choose to Save your changes, or click Delete to remove the unit type altogether.

Note: By default, if an item is assigned to a unit type you delete, the new unit type will convert to a per item quantity. Additionally, Updating a unit type will not adjust your stock counts.

Create and Manage Items

Once you set up your unit type, you’re ready to start creating your items.

To get started:

  1. Tap More from the navigation bar.

  2. Tap Items > All Items > Create Item.

  3. Enter the item name, unit type, price, SKU, and stock amount. If the item has multiple price points, tap Add Variation.

  4. Add any applicable modifiers, and enable or disable sales tax.

  5. Once you’re all set, tap Save.

Edit or Delete an Item

You can update an item from the Edit Item page:

  1. Tap Items. Search or scroll through your item list and click an existing item.

  2. You can update the item name, item image*, category, description, unit type, stock amount, or variations.

  3. Choose to Save your changes, or click Delete Item From This Location.

* Keep in mind: When you add, update, or delete an item image, the change will reflect in your Square app, dashboard, and Square Online.

Create and Manage Categories

Item categories help you group items together to help you organise your item library and fine tune your in-app reports.

Create an Item Category

  1. Tap More on the navigation bar.

  2. Tap Items > Categories > Create Category.

  3. Name your category, then Tap To Edit to customise your category tile’s label and colour.

  4. Select which items will be included in this category.

  5. Tap Save.

Edit an Item Category

  1. Tap More on the navigation bar.

  2. Tap Items > Categories > select the category you’d like to edit.

  3. Tap Edit Category.

  4. Edit items included or tap Tap To Edit to customise the tile’s label and colour.

  5. Tap Save.

Create and Edit Item Options with the Square App

Item options help you create and organise your custom item variations. These options can be reused across your item library, saving time when you add new variations or items.

Create Item Options

  1. Visit Items.

  2. Click on an item.

  3. Click Add options.

  4. Enter an Option set name and Display name.

  5. Enter option Values and select Save.

Add an Option Set to an Item

  1. Visit Items

  2. Click on an item.

  3. Under Options, click Add Options.

  4. Select an Option set name from a previously created list of Option Sets or Create Option.

  5. Once you’ve chosen the appropriate Option sets, click Next.

  6. Review the new variations created > click Create to confirm the changes.

  7. Click Save.

Delete Option Sets from an Item

  1. Visit Items.

  2. Click on an item.

  3. From the Edit Item view, click Edit Options.

  4. Select an existing Option > Remove Option Set.

  5. Review the variations that need to be deleted and click Delete to confirm.

Set Up Your Favourites Grid on a Tablet

Your Favourites Grid transforms your POS into a lightning-fast, user-friendly tool for your team members. It syncs to all devices assigned to a location. Team members cannot set up an individual Item Grid.

Build your Favourites Grid to quickly access frequently used items, discounts, or categories. To do so:

  1. Tap your Favourites tab from the Checkout screen.

  2. Tap any + icon on the grid.

  3. Add an item, category, or discount to the page. 

  4. Tap Done Editing to save.

Learn more about setting up your item library with Square.