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Migrate to Android from Square KDS on iOS

Who is this article for?
This article is for restaurant owners and staff using Square KDS on iPads as their kitchen displays. Square KDS app for iOS is being deprecated. You may continue to use Square KDS for iOS app until June 2025, but the app will no longer be supported with updates and cannot be downloaded from the App store.

About Square KDS on iOS deprecation

Square KDS is being retired on iOS, which means you will need to migrate your hardware and software in order to continue your team’s access to your kitchen display system. This change means that restaurants who do not take action are at risk of order prep being disrupted mid-service. Learn more about this product change and how to prepare for it in our Seller Community.

You have the option to migrate your Square KDS from iOS to Android. If you choose to migrate, you’ll get access to features such as custom routing to prep stations to customise your order and item flow and the ability to filter tickets to appear on certain screens based on item category or order dining options.

You can also join the Square KDS Beta Community to test new features, such as: 

  • Format control over printed tickets to decide on font size and layout for tickets that print from your KDS screen

  • Easier screen scanning by adding colour-coding by fulfilment type to order tickets

  • Complete tickets at a single station with one prep station at a time instead of all at once

Migrate your KDS

We have two migration options available: Square KDS for Android and our third-party partner Fresh KDS. 

Note: Once Square KDS on iOS is deprecated, your diners will be able to place orders, but those orders will not be accessible via your iOS KDS screen with Square.

Option 1: Move to an Android device to continue using Square KDS

Get access to new features and connect with other sellers by joining Square KDS for Android. Our KDS app for Android devices has the same exact features as our Apple app, and any new features that we build for Square KDS will be exclusive to Android going forward. Here are more benefits to Square KDS Android:

  • Use 10” screens with a lower cost upfront

  • Move to larger screens (For example, a 22” device fits 125% more tickets)

Learn more about supported Android devices and hardware available on Square Shop in the following Support Centre article: Get started with Square KDS for Android.

Option 2: Move to third-party partner Fresh KDS to stay on your iPad

You can integrate your Square account with Fresh KDS for your kitchen display system. 

While you have the option to do self-setup if you prefer it, as part of this preferred partnership, you also have access to a personalised, 1:1 onboarding call with a Fresh KDS team member. Once you are ready to connect with Fresh KDS, fill out this form to kick off the process.

Learn more about Fresh KDS in the following Support Centre article: Fresh KDS and Square.

Next steps

Learn more about this product change and how to prepare for it in our Seller Community.

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