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[Discontinued] Square KDS for iOS

Who is this article for?
This article is for restaurant owners and staff using Square KDS on iPads as their kitchen displays. Square KDS app for iOS has been deprecated and cannot be downloaded from the App store. You may continue to use the KDS iOS app on your iPads until June 2024.

Before we begin

Square KDS is being retired on iOS, which means you’ll need to migrate your hardware and software in order to continue your team’s access to your kitchen display system. This change means that restaurants who don’t take action are at risk of order prep being disrupted mid-service.

Note: Once Square KDS on iOS is deprecated, your diners will be able to place orders, but those orders won’t be accessible via your iOS KDS screen with Square.

Move to an Android Device to Continue Using Square KDS

Get access to new features and connect with other sellers by joining Square KDS for Android. Our KDS app for Android devices has the same exact features as our Apple app, and any new features that we build for Square KDS will be exclusive to Android going forward.

Next Steps

Learn more about supported Android devices and hardware available on Square Shop in the following Support Centre article: Get Started with Square KDS on Android.

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