Configure Square Online item preferences

About Square Online item preferences

Square Online includes several options to customise how items display on your website and how you can manage them in your account. You can access these options from your Square Online Overview page in Dashboard.

Before you begin

To see these online item preferences, make sure you've set up a Square Online account. Learn how to Get started with Square Online.

Note: Be aware that these item preferences are moving from your Square Online Overview page to your Square Item Library in Dashboard. More updates to come.

Online item preferences

Status badges

Note: Display additional item status badges by upgrading your Square Online subscription.

You can display badges on your items in Square Online that show your customers stock, sale and other critical item information at a glance. Learn more about Item status badges for Square Online items.

Gift options

Note: Enable item gift options by upgrading your Square Online subscription.

Enabling gift options allows your customers to indicate that an item they’re purchasing is intended to be a gift. Buyers can include a message to the recipient that is displayed on the shipping invoice, along with return or exchange instructions. You can also offer gift wrapping with an optional added fee. Learn how to Set up gifting options for Square Online items.

Default item fulfilment

To set the default fulfilment method for newly added items in Square Online:

  1. From your Square Online Overview page, go to Items > Item Preferences or Shared Settings > Item Preferences.
  2. Under ‘Default item fulfilment’, select Edit.
  3. Select your preferred fulfilment methods.
  4. Select Save when finished.

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