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Square Online Item Settings

Square Online includes several options to customise items you’re selling on your website. You can access these options in the Settings > Item Settings section of the Square Online overview page.


This setting allows you to change the aspect ratio for item images on your website. Choose the aspect ratio that most closely matches your images to help create a uniform, professional look. For example, if your images are square, you would select the 1:1 ratio setting.

To update the aspect ratio for item images:
Click Edit under Layout.
Select an option from the menu, then save to apply the changes.

Item Statuses

The Item Status options add a badge to items that are on sale, low in stock or out of stock, which can improve the shopping experience for your customers. You can use these options in any combination you like, but note that this will apply to all items.

To edit Item Statuses:
1. Click Edit under Item statuses.
2. Use the toggles to turn statuses on or off, then save.

You won’t see the badges on your website unless you have at least one item that meets one of the following criteria:

  • Has a sale price

  • Has an inventory count of 5 or less

  • Is out of stock

If you’ve manually marked an item or item variation as out of stock, that will automatically sync and display on your website, even if the Sold Out item status is disabled. This lets customers know that the item is not available and prevents them from adding it to the shopping basket.

Stock Settings

This option controls stock history management within Square Online. With this setting turned on, you must select a reason when updating the inventory count for an item (e.g. ‘Stock received’, ‘Inventory recount’, etc). Turning this setting off removes the restocking preference menu, so you only need to enter the stock quantity.

To turn stock history management on or off:
1. Click Edit
2. Use the toggle to enable or disable the setting, then save.

Gift Options

Turn this option on to offer gift wrapping, gift receipts and custom gift messages to your customers.
Click the toggle to enable or disable gift options, or click Edit to change the settings.