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Square Stand

Turn your iPad into a point of sale.

Get Square Stand £109

Square Stand for contactless and chip

Easy to set up. Easy to use.

Set up Square Stand in minutes – no complicated instructions or instalations required.

Built for iPad

Designed to look sleek while working hard—just slide an iPad into the nest.

Square Reader and dock included

Simply place the Square Reader in the Dock for Square Reader and connect the dock to the stand’s USB hub. The dock’s long cord means you can pick the perfect countertop spot.

Made to move

Square Stand swivels, so you can run your point of sale like usual—then have your customers enter their PIN right on the iPad. And the dock’s long cord means you can pick your perfect spot.

Add hardware instantly

Square Stand comes with a USB hardware hub, so you can easily add a receipt printer, cash drawer, barcode scanner and more.

Every payment, every time.

Accept chip and PIN, contactless and mobile payments. With Square Stand you’ll never miss a sale.

Chip and PIN

Insert cards into Square Reader and turn the screen for the customer to enter their PIN.


Customers simply hold their devices near Square Reader to trigger payment in seconds.

Pay just 1.75% per chip and PIN, contactless or mobile payment.

No monthly fees, no long-term commitments.

Powered by Square Point of Sale.

Square Point of Sale is the free app that gives you everything you need to run your checkout and your business.

Serious security.

Square Stand protects your iPad, your counter and your information alike.

Secure iPad and Stand
Lock the iPad in place and secure Square Stand to your counter with the included security kit.

Encrypted transactions
Square uses end-to-end encryption to protect every payment.


£109 + VAT

Pay just 1.75% per contactless or chip and PIN payment for Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit or debit cards. Process £100, see £98.25 transferred into your bank account as fast as the next working day. No monthly fees, no commitments and no surprises.

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