What Square offers.

Square is more than just a card reader — find out about the powerful tools we provide to help you grow your business.

Whatever your business size, Square offers much more than just payment processing. Join us and get access to useful tools and added extras that will help you run your business effectively.

Square’s free Point of Sale

Our simple to use point of sale software will help you run your business efficiently. With location and inventory management, it’s designed to grow with you.

Take payments anywhere

Accept contactless and chip and PIN payments at your counter with Square Reader, use Virtual Terminal or use our invoicing and ecommerce tools.

Real-time analytics

Real-time reports give you a live view of your business through your Square Dashboard. Compare your daily sales over time and see which of your products are popular.

Integrate with our partners

From accounting apps and kitchen management solutions to inventory and team management, Square integrates easily with the best business apps.

eCommerce and APIs

eCommerce you control

Whether you build your website with one of our partners or directly from our APIs, you can manage your online store and accept payments easily through Square — no matter the size of your business.

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Build your own custom solution

Square’s APIs can help with just about anything you might need, from restaurant order systems to advanced reports, with our reporting API. Or build payments into your own POS app with Square.

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Best in class hardware.

Easily connect the Square Reader and compatible hardware to complete your POS.

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Square Reader

Accept chip and PIN and contactless cards as well as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Square Dock

Keep your Square Reader charged and positioned on your counter for payments.

Square Stand

The ultimate iPad POS stand built for every business.


Square’s pricing is simple — no hidden fees or long term commitments. You just pay for what you need and you never pay when you’re not using it.

Square Reader: Accept chip and PIN cards, contactless cards and mobile payments. £16 + VAT
Square Terminal: The all-in-one device with Square Point of Sale, payment processing and a receipt printer built-in. £149 + VAT
Chip and PIN or contactless payments: Accept every major card for the same rate. Take £100, see £98.25 in your bank account. 1.75%
Online payments: Take card payments for European cards from customers via eCommerce payments. Take £100, see £98.10 in your bank account. 1.9%
Online payments: Take card payments for non-European cards from customers via eCommerce payments. Take £100, see £97.10 in your bank account. 2.9%
Typed in payments: Take card payments from customers via phone with Virtual Terminal or use invoicing. Take £100, see £97.50 in your bank account. 2.5%
A ton of useful tools and added extras: Including point of sale software, real-time analytics, PCI compliance and much more. Free
Dock for Square Reader: Keep Square Reader charged and positioned for payments on your counter. £19 + VAT
Square Stand: Add your iPad and you’ve got a complete point-of-sale solution. With a Square Reader and Dock included, you can take payments right away. £109 + VAT
Team Management: Give team members different permissions to empower your staff and protect your business. £20 per location per month
Instant Deposit: Next business day deposits come free as standard, but if you need your money faster use Instant Deposit to get money in your bank account within 20 minutes. 1% of deposit amount

What our customers say.

“Square is simple and quick. I can train my staff to use it in 5 minutes, which is crucial as we continue to grow. We use our customised sales reporting in our weekly meetings, letting us see what’s selling and what isn’t. The data powers our business.”


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