Streamline day-to-day clinic operations with ClinicSense Management Software - Now fully integrated with Square

As the healthcare industry adapts to clients’ evolving payment preferences in a post-COVID-19 world, ClinicSense has partnered with Square to provide allied health clinics with an omnichannel solution for online and in-person payments.

What is ClinicSense?

ClinicSense is an easy-to-use practice management software for solo or multi-practitioner clinics and spas. They help small and large allied healthcare clinics reduce their administrative costs and workload. Currently used by over 7,500 practitioners across North America, ClinicSense was recently awarded “Best Ease of Use” and “Best Value” by Capterra.

With ClinicSense, allied health practitioners can:

  • Customize, automate and organize intake forms

Clinic staff can design an intake form that’s perfectly tailored to their business. Intake forms are sent to clients so they can complete them online, and are then automatically and neatly organized within each client’s file.

  • Make SOAP (treatment) notes more manageable

Practitioners can say goodbye to the tedium of taking exhaustive treatment notes — with ClinicSense there’s no need to type anything. The point-and-click system allows for better organization and faster note completion, as well as an impressive level of professionalism that physicians, lawyers and insurance companies appreciate.

  • Automate email marketing

If a practitioner wants to send a message to all of their clients or run a customer appreciation promotion, they can use ClinicSense to create a custom email campaign to promote their business or update clients on changes.

Square for Health and Wellness

Manage your practice and your payments in one place.

How does ClinicSense integrate with Square?

When you connect your Square account to ClinicSense you can:

  • Take payments any way you want

Whether you’re selling in person or online, take all kinds of payments quickly and securely with a variety of hardware and software, including contactless options and developer tools to build custom solutions.

  • Collect in-person payments with Square Terminal

Payments can be sent to Square Terminal (the all-in-one credit card and debit machine that is now fully integrated with ClinicSense) or you can charge a card on file. Every appointment has an invoice automatically generated — all a practitioner has to do is record the payment and email the client their receipt. If there’s an amount owing, the practitioner can email the invoice to a client and they can pay online. There’s also the option to prompt the client for a tip.

Dahlia Steinberg, owner of Ebbnflow Massage in St. Catharine’s, ON, appreciates the time she saves using ClinicSense with Square: “The fact that I don’t have to take extra time to key in the payment information on my phone adds to the whole experience of using Square Terminal,” said Steinberg. “It also reduces the amount of time I have to spend after each visit doing admin tasks, and there’s less of a chance of errors in recording payments on my part.”

  • Enable No-Show Guard™

ClinicSense helps protect practitioners from no-shows with a feature called No-Show Guard™. This gives the practitioner the option to either require their client to enter a credit card number when booking online or pre-pay for their appointment. ClinicSense offers many settings so that practitioners may maintain control over their schedule.

  • Sell gift certificates through your website

Health professionals can add the “Buy Gift Certificate” button to their website so that clients can buy gift certificates for themselves or their friends. Square processes the payment, and ClinicSense will email the gift certificate and log the sale in the ClinicSense dashboard.

What is the benefit to clinics?

Clinics can streamline day-to-day clinic operations to adapt to clients’ payment preferences

The use of contactless payments surged at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, and a recent Square report found that 61% of consumers surveyed prefer contactless payment methods over others. In integrating with Square, ClinicSense can now provide a seamless point of sale checkout experience — there’s no longer a need to have to manually key in an amount prior to every sale. Instead, they can accept contactless in-person payments with Square Terminal. Whether a client taps their card, phone, or smartwatch or swipes or dips their credit or Interac Debit card – client payments and invoices are automatically recorded in ClinicSense.

Practitioners can cut down on tedious administrative work

“Allied health professionals who use ClinicSense spend 72% less time on admin work,” said Daniel Ruscigno, co-founder of ClinicSense. “Using this omnichannel software solution allows practitioners to keep everything in one place, as opposed to juggling multiple softwares, or dealing with overstuffed filing cabinets.”

Ready to get started with ClinicSense? Visit our App Marketplace and click the ‘Get Started’ link to get set up immediately.

Square provides integrations to sellers for an enhanced experience but compliance with applicable personal health information laws is the responsibility of the seller. For questions regarding collection of personal health information or related privacy laws through this integration, please contact ClinicSense at