Solutions to help your business make the shifts it needs.

Stay connected to your customers with tools that all connect together.

Sell online and in person

Open up more ways for your business to reach customers with easy ways to sell online and in person.

  • Online Store
  • Booking Website
  • Contactless Payments
  • Checkout Links
  • Invoices

Tools tailored to your needs.

Whether you’re looking to sell online, take payments remotely or sell in person, we have solutions built for your type of business.

Track your inventory from one place

Whether you’re selling online, in-store or across multiple locations, manage all your inventory from one place.

Customize to perfection

Make adjustments to speed up your checkout, add locations and employees quickly and connect third-party apps you already use.

Create customer profiles

Build relationships with customers by keeping their profile on file and adding information that they choose to share with you.

Get a free online store

Create a free, professional website in minutes with our intuitive website builder. No designers or developers needed.

Sell on Instagram

Reach customers on social media and allow them to make a purchase right from your Instagram page.

Sync invoices and shipping

Send online invoices to customers, collect shipping information and ship orders once payment is received.

Simplify the way you sell and get paid.

More ways to use our free customer booking website

Let customers schedule in-store visits, pickup times and more with our flexible booking solution.

Automated text and email reminders

Send automated reminders of upcoming appointments and change notifications via email or text.

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Take payments in one place

Collect payment at checkout, require prepayment when customers book or send professional invoices.

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Take payments online and in person

Start accepting payments from anywhere: your online store or existing website, via digital invoices, with your computer and in person.

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Ship it, deliver it or offer pickup

Bring your business to your customers with curbside pickup, local delivery and shipping.

  • Point of Sale
  • Online Ordering
  • Delivery Services
  • Virtual Terminal

Get set up with Square – then flip a switch.

Whether you sell with one of our point-of-sale systems or Square Online, you’re just a few steps away from offering pickup, delivery and shipping. Orders are managed seamlessly, and you can print them if you prefer.

Modify items easily

Dressing on the side, extra spicy – customers can easily customize orders to their liking.

Customer notifications

Customers can choose to receive status updates via text or email.

More ways to get paid

Manually enter credit cards over the phone, accept eGift Cards and more.

Fulfil every order without missing a beat.

Flexible delivery options

Choose on-demand delivery to automatically dispatch a third-party service, or deliver orders yourself.

On-demand and DIY delivery

Offer on-demand delivery to dispatch couriers in real time, or use your own in-house couriers.

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Third-party ordering platforms

Use our App Marketplace partners to get discovered by more customers and receive orders in your Square point of sale without worrying about delivery.

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Easy shipping

Connect with our shipping partners for hassle-free shipping, or do it yourself with shipping information synced from Square Invoices.

Ship it with Shippo

Shippo works seamlessly with your online store for easy fulfillment and integration with Canada Post.

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Invoicing and shipping together

Send online invoices, track customer payments and easily fulfil orders with shipping information from invoices.

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Touch-free ways to take payments

Make the switch to contactless payments when you’re selling in person.

  • Hardware
  • Payments
  • Checkout Links

Take contactless payments anywhere with Square Reader.

Contactless cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay and chip cards – accept them all with Square Reader. Connect it to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth LE and position it up to 10 feet away.

Touch-free reader

Customers hold their contactless cards or devices near the reader to pay – no contact required. Add an optional Dock to keep your reader charged and securely in place.

Let customers tap and go

Encourage customers to pay with contactless cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay and other contactless devices.

Get all-in-one software and hardware with Square Terminal.

Square Terminal lets you ring up sales and accept contactless payments, all from one device. It’s cordless and works wirelessly via Wi-Fi so you can use it in your store or at your curbside.

Fast, contactless payments

It takes just seconds to complete a contactless payment, and you don’t need to ask for a PIN or a signature.

Built-in software

Ring up items or amounts, take food and drink orders, print or send digital receipts and more – do it all from Square Terminal.

Touch-free solutions for every setup.

More point-of-sale hardware

Whether you’re selling at your counter, curbside or on the go, we have hardware that can help.

Compare hardware solutions

See a side-by-side comparison of all our hardware options.
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Accepting mobile payments

Learn more about contactless mobile payments like Apple Pay.
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Let customers pay via checkout links

Create and share checkout links with customers so they can pay via Apple Pay and Google Pay. No hardware or coding needed.

Give it a name, give it a price and save. Now your link is ready to take payments.

Share links directly with customers via email or text message, or place “buy now” buttons on social or your website.

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Take payments remotely

Collect payments from your computer or phone anywhere with Square.

  • Virtual Terminal
  • Invoices
  • Estimates
  • Customer Directory

Fast, easy and safe for everybody.

Send invoices from anywhere with Square Invoices, or key in and charge cards with Square Virtual Terminal from your computer.

Track everything in one place

All remote payments sync in your Square Dashboard, making it easy to track your cash flow.

Complete sales quickly

Set up an item library to make itemized sales in an instant.

Customers pay with a click

Customers receive the invoice in their inbox and can pay with a debit or credit card.

We’re here to help you get started.

Connect with our sales team for one-on-one assistance with getting started.

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