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The point of sale that serves your business.

Square for Food and Beverage

Millions of customers served with Square.

Square puts the finishing touch on your business and keeps the important stuff organized. No matter what your customers order, Square makes sure you’re covered with a food point of sale, a menu that’s easy to set up and powerful real-time insights into your operations.

The app that takes care of your business.

From payments and tipping to discounts and open tickets, the free Square Point of Sale app handles the work so you can get back to running your business.

  • Track payments across multiple types of tender.
  • Break down your sales to see what's hot.
  • Print kitchen tickets, receipts and order stubs.
  • Customize taxes, tipping and discounts.

Make it the usual.

Take custom orders quickly by setting up item modifiers. Sign in to your account at square.ca to upload and manage multiple items or change details like price, name and quantity.

Check what’s in and what’s out
Manage your inventory with Square—free. You can also connect your account to Stitch Labs to track stock quantities across Square and your other sales channels easily.

“The day we started using Square, our tips went up 100%”


No need to do the math. Square gives customers an easy way to tip with preset percentage or dollar amounts. Depending on receipt type, customers can sign and tip on paper or device.

Sell it all with Square hardware

Accept payments fast from anywhere. Square has hardware solutions that let you ring up items quickly in your store and on the go.

An easier take on takeout.

Hold the phone — customers can order online for pickup in person. To get started with pickup orders, set up your free online store with Square. Then pay just 2.9% plus 30¢ per pickup order. That’s it.

Manage orders at the counter
Online orders appear in your dashboard and Square Point of Sale app. Accept the order, set a pickup time, then hand off to the customer.

Keep the line moving.

Make payments mobile for your food service business with free Square Readers for your staff. Employees can take orders in line, accept payments on deliveries and run special events. Provide staff members with limited-access Square accounts so they can take payments while your business data stays private.

Take your back office with you — anywhere.

Your Square Dashboard is the back office that goes where you go. Sign in to your account at square.ca at any time to learn more about how your business is doing.

See what’s cooking
Review your complete sales history, check scheduled transfers and issue refunds to customers. Square Analytics shows you what’s selling so you know what’s popular – in real time.

“I love all of the back-end analytics and reporting, how it integrates all my accounting and gives me information in real time. It makes me more familiar with my business than ever before and lets me focus on what I love to do.”


Let us help you grow your business.
Our sales team can help simplify your operations and set you up with the right solution for your business needs.

Currently, Square Point of Sale is not compatible with the sales recording module (SRM) in Quebec. However, Square offers an integration with Koomi, which is SRM compatible.