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Use Square for Restaurants on Your Square Terminal

While you can’t download the Square for Restaurants Point of Sale app onto Square Terminal, you can still take advantage of some Square for Restaurants features using Square Terminal.

How do I accept payments with Terminal for bills started on Square for Restaurants?

To start accepting payments with Square Terminal and Square for Restaurants, log in to your Square Terminal using the email address and password associated with your Square for Restaurants account.

If you’d like to log in using a device code, be sure you select Standard when creating your device.

Once you are logged in, the following settings are automatically enabled to ensure the most seamless payments experience:

  • Open Tickets to allow checks to sync automatically between Square for Restaurants and Square Terminal.

  • Open Tickets Menu as Home Screen to allow servers to see the list of open checks as soon as they log into Square Terminal.

  • Predefined Tickets to allow servers to select from Tables to open new checks on Square Terminal.

  • Collect Signatures is set to “Always”, so that customers are prompted to sign their receipts (either digitally or printed).

  • Require Employee Permissions is set to “Always”, so that, like with Square for Restaurants, employees are prompted to enter their passcodes before accepting payments with Terminal.

All of these settings can be adjusted by visiting your Settings tab on Terminal.

Can I use Terminal for tableside ordering alongside Square for Restaurants?

Yes, Square Terminal includes limited support for tableside ordering.

You can view a list of all available items from the Item Library in Square Terminal. To add an item to an existing check, tap the item and select Save.

While there are some features available on Square Terminal, the following features are not supported:

  • Conversational Modifiers: All modifiers will appear, but conversational operators like Add, Extra and Side will not be visible.

  • Coursing: Items added to a bill from Square Terminal will appear as “Straight Fire” additions to the most recently fired course.

  • Seat Tracking: Cover counts cannot be set from Square Terminal, nor can items be associated with a particular Seat. This means items added to the bill from Terminal will not appear attached to any seat.

Square Terminal and Restaurants FAQs

Can I apply Automatic Gratuity with Square Terminal?

You cannot apply Automatic Gratuity to a bill with Square Terminal. Automatic Gratuity can only be applied using the Square for Restaurants app.

Can Terminal print gratuity-free receipts?

No, these receipts can only be printed from Square for Restaurants

Can Terminal print receipts with Minimized Receipt Length?

No, minimized receipts can only be printed from Square for Restaurants

Does using Terminal add to my Square for Restaurants monthly subscription fees?

No, using Square Terminal does not count as an additional Square for Restaurants device.

What is the processing rate for Terminal with Square for Restaurants?

Swiped, inserted or tapped transactions on Square Terminal and Square for Restaurants cost 2.65%.

How do I manage my orders on Square Terminal?

Through your Square Terminal you can view and filter your orders by status or type, update order progress and have your orders printed from the Square Terminal’s built in printer. Learn how to get started with managing orders on Square Terminal in our Support Centre.

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