So how can Square help my business scale?

We can give you more ways to sell.

No matter how your customers prefer to shop or how you need your business to grow, we have tools to help you sell in sync across every channel.

  • Sell in-store.
  • Sell online.
  • Sell on social.

What if I’m looking to boost my revenue?

Add another dimension to your business.

We’re here to help your business evolve – whether you’re thinking of adjusting your business model or just want to make your technology work to your advantage.

  • Sell items and services together.
  • Quickly add new categories or products.
  • Spread the word about your latest addition.

But do I have to toss out my current system?

We work with what you’re working with.

Square tools are designed to fit into your business, not the other way around. Need a full suite of tools? We have that. Just want to add to your existing setup? We can do that, too.

  • Use our tools together or integrate them with other software.
  • Get hardware and software that work in sync.
  • Access insights and data from our Dashboard.

What if my business is a bit more complex?

Make our solutions your own.

No two businesses are alike. We can work together to get you a personalised set of tools that’s made to work for your business.

  • Use our open API platform to customise your tools.
  • Get custom pricing if you process over $250K/year.
  • Add personalised experiences for your customers.

OK, but what about making daily ops easier?

Let’s make it happen – automatically.

Square is best at saving you time and effort. Streamline the way you do business by automating everyday tasks.

  • Automate your marketing campaigns.
  • Easily manage your staff and inventory.

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