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Square Online Galleries and Slideshows

Catch the attention of your visitors and create visual interest with slideshows and image galleries. You can add a section to display multiple images in just a few simple steps - we’ll take a look at both styles in this article, starting with slideshows.


Click Add section and locate the Photo Gallery option. There are four layouts to choose from here - click on the slideshow icon on the lower left to add it to your page (you’ll be able to change this later, so don’t worry).


The slideshow will include sample images so you can see how it will look, but obviously you’ll want to add your own photos, so click on the slideshow and then click the Add image button on the left. You can add multiple images at once by dragging them into the upload window.


Now that you’ve added your own photos, you can edit, rearrange, replace, or delete them from the options panel on the left. Click on one of the image thumbnails at the top and drag it to a new position to change the display order. Clicking on a thumbnail here will also allow you to edit that particular image.


You can zoom in or out and drag the image around to change its position within the slideshow frame. When you’re finished, click the checkbox icon to save your changes, or use the X icon to cancel all changes.


Finally, you can change the transition and navigation styles for the entire slideshow and toggle autoplay on and off. What if you change your mind and decide you’d rather have an image gallery instead of a slideshow? No problem! Just use the arrow buttons on the Gallery options to switch styles. You can choose from the following 3 styles, each with their own settings: Stack (images are displayed in a single column), Grid (images are displayed in horizontal rows), or Slideshow.


In the example above, the slideshow has been switched to a grid style with 2 images per row and captions that appear on hover. You can also adjust the image ratio, the amount of spacing between images, and the number of images displayed per row. You can also toggle the lightbox option on and off. Turning this on will open a larger image when a visitor clicks the gallery photo.

You can go back and change settings and styles or add and remove images any time by clicking on the section in the editor as described above.