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Square Online Galleries and Slideshows

Catch the attention of your Square Online site visitors by creating visual interest with slideshows and image galleries. You can add a section to your site in the Éditeur de site Vente en ligne Square to display multiple images in just a few simple steps.


In the Éditeur de site Vente en ligne Square , select Add Section on the page of your choice, and locate the Image Gallery option. There are several layouts to choose from here. Select the one of your choice, which you can always change later.


Select the section, then select Add images in the menu to add your own image content. You can add multiple images at once by dragging them into the upload window.

Now that you’ve added your own photos, you can edit, rearrange, replace or delete them from the options panel on the left. Select one of the image thumbnails in the menu, and drag it to a new position to change the display order. Clicking on a thumbnail here and selecting Edit will also allow you to edit that particular image.

You can zoom in or out, straighten or rotate the image. When you’re finished, click Save to save your changes, or Cancel to cancel all changes.

When finished with all changes, select Publish to make the changes go live.

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