Square Online Site Settings

The Square Online Overview page offers a number of setup options for your website.

To access these options:

  1. Go to the Square Online Overview page.

  2. Select Website > General Settings.


Change the following settings from here:

Site Address

Click the Customize button to connect or purchase a domain name for your website. Learn more about setting up a domain.

Site Title

The title of your website. This text is displayed on the browser tab. Click the button to edit the title.


Upload a custom icon to be displayed on the browser tab. Learn more about favicons.

Password Protection

Enable password protection for your website. Learn more about using password protection.

Site Language

Select the language for your website. This will not translate any content you add manually, but will affect the default text for certain features such as the shopping cart or contact form.


Use this option if you want to temporarily take your website offline. You can re-publish again at any time.

Reset to Default

The reset option allows you to essentially start over with your website. Any changes you’ve made or content you’ve added are wiped out, so you can start again from scratch. Be careful with this option

  • it can’t be undone, and you will need to re-do any changes you made to your website.

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