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Checkout Options with Square Online


The checkout experience on your Square Online site includes several adjustable options to enhance shopping and online ordering for your customers. To set up these checkout options, go to your Square Online Overview page and select Settings > Checkout or Shared Settings > Checkout.

Note: The checkout page style, including background colors, font colors, and button shapes and colors, will match your Square Online site design and can’t be customized separately. Learn more about choosing styles for your Square Online site.

Accept Online Orders

You can toggle online ordering on or off. When toggled off, items will still be on your site but not available for purchase.

Collect Payments

Collect payments online by connecting a payment processor of your choice to your website. Learn more about accepting payments on Square Online for more information on all of your online payment options.

Fulfillment Progress Meter

Note: Enable the free fulfillment progress meter by upgrading your Square Online site.

After setting up shipping or local delivery, you can display a progress meter on your customer’s cart that indicates how far away they are from redeeming either free shipping or free delivery on their order.


Configure tipping for pickup, local delivery, and self-serve orders.

Smart tips vs Percentage tips

When enabling tips, start by toggling on Collect tips and choosing either Smart tips or Percentage tips only.

  • The Smart tips option shows percentage or whole amounts depending on the final amount of the order. Orders under $10 enable tipping in whole amounts and orders over $10 enable tipping in percentages.
  • The Percentage tips only option shows tipping in percentages for all orders regardless of the final amount.

Default tip amounts

Whether you enable Smart tips or Percentage tips only, you can set three percentages as default tip options during checkout. From the dropdown menu, you can then choose an optional default tip percentage to have preselected during checkout from the three percentages you entered previously. Customers can always change or remove the amount at checkout.

If you’ve enabled Smart tips, you can also choose a default whole amount as a tip.

Tips on local delivery orders

For local delivery orders, tipping will only apply to orders fulfilled with In-House Delivery. Tipping on orders fulfilled with On-Demand Delivery is always allowed and the default tip amount is defined by the On-Demand Delivery service provider. Customers can always change the amount at checkout.

You can also enable tipping options from Square POS for your in-person operations. Learn more about tipping within Square Point of Sale.

Customer Inputs

Customize the information your customers give you at checkout by selecting Edit customer inputs.

Checkout fields

Add more fields in your checkout flow with the following options:

  • Make phone number optional: Phone numbers are always required for pickup and local delivery orders, but you can allow customers to opt out of providing a phone number for other fulfillment methods by checking this box.
  • Allow customer to leave a note to seller: Display a text box for customers to leave you a note during checkout. These are helpful for giving you specific details about their orders (e.g. leaving a special note on a shipped order, leaving out a specific ingredient on a food order, etc.).
  • Allow customers to opt-in to receiving marketing emails from you: Your customers can opt in to marketing updates during checkout. Customers who opt in are automatically included in your marketing campaigns. Learn more about getting started with Square Marketing.

Always collect recipient address for

Check the Non-physical items option to collect a recipient’s address for orders that have digital, donation, membership, event, or service items. The recipient address is automatically collected where necessary for tax, and for all shipping and local delivery orders.

Always collect buyer address for

Check applicable options out of Local delivery, Self-serve ordering, Pickup, and Shipping orders. You can also collect buyer addresses for orders that have Non-physical items.

Note: The buyer address is always collected for gifts. Learn more about setting up gifting options with Square Online.

Store Policies

Create shipping and return policies to set clear expectations for your customers. Customers will see this information during the checkout process. Select Edit store policies to set up or edit your shipping and return policies.

Shipping policy

A clear shipping policy should answer the following questions:

  • What shipping carriers and services do you offer?
  • How long is the handle time between placing and shipping an order?
  • Do orders need to be placed before a specific time?
  • Is there anywhere you don’t deliver (e.g. postal boxes, or specific regions or countries)?

Return policy

A clear return policy should answer the following questions:

  • How long does a customer have to return an item?
  • What is the procedure for a return or exchange?
  • How long will the process take?
  • Who pays to return items back to you?
  • Are there any items that are not returnable (e.g. sale items, or items that have been opened or used)?
  • Do you offer full refunds, exchanges, or store credit?

Advanced Settings

Change the checkout mode, and enable or disable other advanced options. Select Edit advanced settings to make changes.

Checkout mode

Switch between Add to cart or Buy now.

  • Add to cart is the default setting, and allows customers to place any number of items into the shopping cart before checking out.
  • Buy now allows customers to skip the cart and and go straight to checkout with a single item. Note: This option can’t be used with in-store pickup.

Pay buttons

The settings here affect item pages and the checkout experience on your website. You can accept payments with Apple Pay and Google Pay on your item pages to allow customers to quickly purchase a single item.

Default fulfillment method

If you offer multiple fulfillment methods, you can set one as the default option. Buyers can always choose a different available fulfillment method when shopping, but the option set as the default option is pre-selected during a buyer’s shopping experience.

Customer Experience

Customers will be able to check out from your website using any enabled checkout options outlined above.

The order confirmation page your customers see after they check out will display their order details and provide insight into the status of their order. They will also see details relevant to their order type (e.g. shipping, pickup, etc.) and item type (e.g. physical, food and beverage, service, digital, etc.).


If you're seeing a 404 or "Published site not found" error on your live Square Online site's checkout page, resolve it by republishing your site from the Square Online site editor. Once republished, verify you no longer see the error by refreshing your live site and trying the checkout process once again.

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