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Subscription Payments with Square Online Checkout Links

With Square Online Checkout you can set up one checkout link with the subscription feature enabled. Instead of using Square Invoices for recurring payments, the subscription checkout link can be used to accept weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual payments from multiple customers with a single checkout link. You can also self-select which specific checkout links your customers will be able to pay through. For example, use donation links for accepting monthly payments from donors/supporters.

Send your customers a subscription checkout link through an email or Square Marketing campaign, or let your customers pay at their convenience by posting the link on social media or your blog. There is no monthly fee for using Square Online Checkout links for receiving subscription payments. You’ll only pay Square’s standard eCommerce processing fee of 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction.

Get Started

To set up subscription payments from your computer:

  1. Head to the Homepage of your online Square Dashboard.

  2. Click Create checkout link in the Online Checkout section.

  3. Choose either Collect payments, or Accept Donations.

  4. Enter a name for your link, this will be displayed to the customer (If prompted, enter the amount you want to charge.)

  5. Accept recurring payments by selecting a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually payment frequency. 

  6. Click Advanced Settings to toggle on Allow buyer to set the price

  7. You can also Allow one time payments from your customer in Advanced Settings. This will give your customers the option to choose whether they’d like to pay for their purchase once or sign up for a weekly or monthly payment plan. This option is selected by default for Accept Donations links

  8. Click Save to create a checkout link.

  9. Select Copy, and share the link anywhere.

Manage Subscriptions

Review answers to frequently asked questions about Subscriptions with Square Online Checkout links.

What if my customer wants to cancel their subscription?

All customers can cancel their subscriptions from each automated emailed invoice received after a scheduled payment. Your customer will receive a confirmation email once the subscription is cancelled.

How will my customer get a receipt?

Once signed up for a subscription, all customers paying through Square Checkout Links will receive a Welcome email with details of their subscription plan, frequency of payment, and when their card on file will be charged. If there no card is on file, your customer will be notified that an emailed invoice will follow shortly.

How do I view all of my active subscriptions with my customers?

You can manage your active subscriptions and disable subscriptions in the new Subscriptions section of your online Square Dashboard

Learn more about Square Online Checkout links.

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