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Accept Payments on your Square Register

Once you’ve set up your Square Register, you can start processing payments right away.

Taking Payments with Square Register

Position the customer display so your customers can easily see it and pay with their cards and devices. To take a payment, ring up the sale and tap Charge.


Ask your customer to hold a contactless device or card near the contactless logo to trigger the payment. The contactless logo lights up after tapping Charge.


Ask your customer to insert a chip card into the chip card slot on the customer display and leave it in place until the sale is complete. The front of the card should face towards your customer.


Ask your customer to swipe a magnetic-stripe card through the magstripe reader on the customer display. Customers can swipe either direction.

Docked Display
Undocked display

Connect Hardware Accessories

The accessory hub lets you connect a cash drawer, printer, or barcode scanner to Register via USB. Simply plug in additional hardware accessories to the accessory hub and Register will guide you through setup.

Note: Charging USB devices is not supported by the hardware hub USB ports.

Learn more about supported point of sale hardware accessories for Square Register.

Supported Point of Sale Features

Square Register allows you to do a lot more than take payments. Learn more about what your device can do:.

Keep in mind: The Square Retail Point of Sale app is currently not compatible with the Square Register.

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