Manage Customer Groups and Filters

Directory Filters

Use the default filters available in your directory to view select groups of customers. Multiple filters can be selected at once and used to create a Smart Group based on specific customer details. For example, you can select the Loyalty and Hasn’t Visited filters to see which loyalty participants haven’t returned to your business in a certain period of time. This group of customers can then be turned into its own Smart Group that can be targeted with a Square Marketing email campaign.

If you’ve created Toggle or Selection custom fields, they will automatically be added to the list of filters in your directory so they can be used to create Smart Groups.

Directory Groups

Manual Groups

Create a Manual Group to hand-select a list of customers according to your needs. Manual Groups come in handy when importing customers in bulk or quickly adding a new customer from a sale.

  1. Visit the Customers tab of your online Square Dashboard.
  2. Click All Customers > New Group.
  3. Name the new group > click Save.

Smart Groups

Smart Groups can be created by both you and your customer’s interactions with your business.

Examples of Smart Groups include:

  • Lapsed: Customers who have not returned to your business after a specified time period.
  • Regulars: Customers who are considered regulars based on their visits in a specified time period.

    Note: To edit the rules for Lapsed and Regulars, select the group in your directory > click Edit Group > make edits > Save.

  • Loyalty Participants: Customers who have enrolled in your Loyalty program.
  • Nearing Loyalty Reward: Customers who have enrolled in your Loyalty program and are nearing a reward based on your program’s rules.
  • Custom Smart Group: Groups created using filters in the directory. More information below.

Sort Your Directory Using Groups and Filters

Manage and filter your customers to organize and group them for targeted email marketing campaigns, tracking customer trends, or identifying them based on an operational need.

  1. Click Filter and choose the filter you would like to add.
    Note: Square will auto-populate relevant filters as well as input any Custom Fields you’ve created.
  2. Click the filter you’ve chosen to view conditions associated with that filter, if applicable.
  3. Choose an option to configure your filter.
  4. Select any additional filters.
  5. Tap Save Filters to save as a Smart Group.

Smart groups can also be used with Square Marketing. While viewing a group in your Customer Directory, select Send Message. You can also select the group during the Audience step when creating a Square Marketing campaign.

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