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Get Started With Customer Information Collection

Here’s How They Work

Customer information collection tools enable you to expand your marketing reach by letting customers sign up for your newsletter right from your website and social media accounts. Email addresses and names shared by customers will be saved in your Customer Directory, and can be used with Square Marketing or exported for use with a third-party marketing service.

Customers who sign up for your mailing list will be reflected in the Collected Emails group of your Customer Directory.

Collect Customer Information Online

Customers can submit their contact information from the Point of Sale sign-up screen, in an embedded sign-up, and on hosted sign-up on your website.

Note: If collecting information for use with Square Marketing, only send marketing communications to customers who have consented to receive marketing emails from your business. You are responsible for ensuring the customers on your list have given explicit permission to contact them and for compliance with all applicable laws. Review our terms for additional information.

Point of Sale Sign-Up Screen

When you enable the customer information collection screen for your Square app, customers who have never received an emailed receipt from a Square seller will be prompted to sign up for your newsletter.

The information collection screen will appear after the transaction if your customer declines to receive a receipt or is signed up for SMS receipts.

Customers who sign up for your mailing list will be reflected in the Collected Emails group of your Customer Directory. If you are using an Android device, customers who are already receiving automatic email receipts will not be prompted to sign up, as they’re already considered subscribed with Square Marketing.

To have your customers submit their contact information at checkout on your iPad:

  1. Open your Point of Sale app and click on More > Settings > Customers.

  2. Scroll down to Customer Directory, tap Sign-up screen and toggle this option on.

From the app you can configure the fields you need to collect your customer’s name, phone, email, address, birthday, dates, numbers — and you can create custom fields too.

From the Messaging and Coupon section you can type in the title and message to display to your customers.

Note: The ability to create custom collection fields and coupons is currently only available if you are using Square Point of Sale on iPads (iOS).

If you’re using Square Loyalty, the customer information collection screen will not be displayed if the purchase is eligible for a point. If you’d like to collect customer emails and use Square Loyalty, you may be interested in using the email collection tools included in the Loyalty program setup process.

If you are using Square Marketing, customer contact information in your Customer Directory, such as email addresses, can be used to send out email and SMS marketing campaigns. You can filter your customers by Marketing Subscribers and create smart groupsto see Email Subscribers and Text Message Subscribers in your directory.

Hosted Sign-Up Page

This option provides you a unique URL that can be shared on social media and can be used to create a redirect button for your website. The URL will take your customers to a dedicated landing page where they can share their email address.

To enable your hosted sign-up page URL:

  1. Visit the Customers tab of your online Square Dashboard > click Settings > click Email Collection.

  2. Under Hosted sign-up page click Customize page to select the color scheme, type in your personal message, and add your logo.

Pasting your sign-up page URL into a social media post like Facebook will also generate a preview of the landing page.

Embedded Sign-Up Form

This option provides you with an embeddable widget for your website where customers can provide their email address. Your online Square Dashboard will display a block of HTML code that can be copy/pasted into your CRM editing tool.

To create your sign-up form widget:

  1. Visit the Customers tab of your online Square Dashboard > click Settings > click Email Collection.

  2. Under Embedded sign-up form click Customize form to select the text and color of your sign-up button.

  3. Copy the HTML code and paste it into your CRM editing tool.

If you need help pasting the HTML code within your CRM editing tool, please reach out to your CRM provider.

Note: Any updates made to the embedded form won’t reflect on your website unless the updated HTML code is copy/pasted in your CRM editing tool after edits are made.

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