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Get Started With Customer Information Collection

Customer information collection tools help you expand your marketing reach by letting customers sign up for your emails right from your website and social media accounts. Email addresses and names shared by customers will be saved in your Customer Directory and can be used with Square Marketing or exported for use with a third-party marketing service.

Customers who sign up for your mailing list will show in the Collected Emails group of your Customer Directory.

Collect Customer Information Online

Customers can submit their contact information through a unique QR code that you can place anywhere. Square Online users can also collect email addresses with the email collection widget, but these email addresses will not automatically populate for use in Square Marketing; you can download those email addresses as a CSV and then upload the list into Square Marketing.

If collecting information for use with Square Marketing, only send marketing communications to customers who have consented to receive marketing emails from your business. You are responsible for ensuring the customers on your list have given explicit permission to contact them and for compliance with all applicable laws. Review our terms for additional information.

Note: The Square unique QR code and embedded signup form help you comply with GDPR consent requirements by requesting explicit permission from customers to provide their email address. Please be aware that if you are uploading customer information from a CSV file, it is your sole responsibility to ensure that you have permission from your customers to email them.

Set Up Email Collection

You can collect email addresses anywhere with a special QR code for customers to scan. When a customer scans the QR code, they will go to an information collection page where they can provide their email address and phone number to sign up for marketing communications and enrol in a Loyalty programme.

Download the QR code and create a printable sign for your shop >

You can also download your QR code poster from your Square Dashboard. To do so:

  1. Go to the Marketing tab of your Dashboard.

  2. Select Collect Email Opt-Ins.

  3. Customise your email collection poster with your company logo, colour scheme and messaging, and choose if you’d like to offer a promotional discount to your customers in exchange for signing up.

If you are using Square Marketing, customer contact information in your Customer Directory, such as email addresses, can be used to send out email marketing campaigns. You can filter your customers by Marketing Subscribers and create smart groups to see Email Subscribers in your directory.