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View Client-Facing Online Booking Tools

Square Appointments Premium makes it easy for clients to book, update, or cancel appointments directly from your website or Square-powered booking site.

View Your Client’s Booking Flow

From your online booking site, clients can choose a service, browse staff, and see business hours and contact information.

You can preview your booking site by visiting Online Booking in your Appointments dashboard. Clients will follow the steps below to book an appointment:

  1. Click a service from the booking site or widget.

  2. Choose the location of the appointment if applicable, specific available staff, or select Any Available Staff.

  3. Enter your information — including your phone number*, email, and address.

  4. Select a time, confirm the time zone, and click Book Appointment.

Once you enter your information and book an appointment, you’ll have access to your Customer Account. The Customer Account makes it easy for your clients to view past and upcoming appointments with your business, add a card on file for prepayment or No-Show Protection, and book another appointment with your business. Customers can access their profile through your online booking site by entering their phone number.

Note: The time zone set while booking, geolocation, and desktop time settings are used to best assess the accurate time zone. We use this time zone to send appointment notifications to clients, staff, and owners.

When selecting a time for an appointment, be sure to select the appropriate time zone.

Once your client selects a time for an appointment, the time slot will unavailable for 10 minutes. If the client does not complete the booking request within the 10 minute window, the time slot will appear as available again.

  1. Clients will receive either an emailed appointment request notification or appointments confirmation depending on your Settings.

  2. Once the appointment is confirmed, the client will receive a confirmation notification.

Set up time zone selection on your online booking site

When customers book an appointment through your online booking site, you can (1) allow customers to choose their time zone or (2) lock the booking time zone to your business time zone.

To do so:

  1. Navigate to the Appointments section of your online Square Dashboard.

  2. Choose your preferred selection under Settings > Calendar & Booking

These changes will be reflected in your online booking site.

Appointment Notifications in the Wrong Time Zone

If you or a client are receiving notifications in the wrong time zone, here are a few things things to update or verify to help resolve the issue:

  1. Check the time and date settings in the Locations section of Account & Settings.

  2. Check the time and date settings on your mobile device or computer from System Preferences.

  3. Check the time zone for the affected client from their customer profile.

  4. If you’re using the Appointments app, delete and reinstall it.

The client can click on the online booking site and specify the correct time zone in the drop down menu.

Client Appointment Management Tools

Customer Account

When your clients book online, they’ll automatically have access to a personal Customer Account. Their Customer Account allows them to view past and upcoming appointments with your business.

Read more about the Square Appointments Customer Account.

Email and SMS Notifications

Square Appointments clients will receive the following notification regarding their appointments, based on the settings the merchant has specified.


  • Upcoming Appointment Reminders. You can specify when to send clients email and text reminders of their upcoming appointment. Send an email reminder the day before and an SMS an hour before the scheduled appointment — helping your clients arrive on time and ready for your service.


  • Cancellations

  • Reschedules

  • Confirmations

  • Requests

You can also customize client email notifications from your Appointments dashboard. Note: You are not able to customize SMS notifications at this time.

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