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Square's Language Options

If you’ve created a U.S. Square account, you have the option to use Square Point of Sale in English or Spanish.

You can adjust the language settings on your mobile device or from your online Square Dashboard to switch between English and Spanish anytime. Square’s Support Center is also available in both languages. Click the flag at the top of the page to switch between U.S. Spanish and English.

Note: At this time, when your mobile device is set to Spanish, Square Point of Sale will be in Spanish, but all customer-facing screens, including receipts, will remain in English.

You can also control your customer communication language right from your Square Dashboard. To choose the language:

  1. Visit your Account & Settings, select Personal Information.
  2. Scroll down to Preferences.
  3. Select the desired language from the drop down and click Save.

Please note: The language for emailed receipts is based on your account’s language preferences. For text receipts, it will display in your browser’s language preference.

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