Edit Your Account and Business Settings

Learn how to edit your personal account details and business information.

Edit Your Account Settings

Visit Account & Settings in your online Square Dashboard to update your name, password, 2-step verification settings and email address.

Edit Your Email Address or Phone Number

To edit the email address or phone number associated with your Square account

  1. Visit Account & Settings in your online Square Dashboard.

  2. Under Personal Information, select Sign in & security and click Update next to the current email address or phone number.

  3. If you already have Two-Step Verification enabled, enter and confirm the new contact information you’d like to associate with your Square account and click Change.

  4. If you’re not already using 2-Step Verification, select whether you’d like a verification code sent to the current email address or your phone number and click Next.

  5. Enter the verification code and click Submit.

In case you don’t see the verification email in your inbox, check your spam folder or email filters. If you selected a phone number, make sure this number can receive SMS messages.

If you can’t access the inbox of your original account email or you received a verification email and didn’t request the change, contact Square Support.

Note: Your email address or phone number is used to log in to your Square Dashboard and the Square app on your mobile device. You are not able to remove your email address or phone number from your account, you can only edit it at this time. 

Edit Your Secure Contact Method

To update the secure contact information on file for your Square account:

  1. Go to Account & Settings > Personal Information > Sign in and security from your online Square Dashboard.

  2. Select Manage ways to verify it’s you. You will need to have verified at least one contact method, phone number or email address, to update or add any additional secure contact methods for your account.

  3. Click Update next to the contact method you want to change, and proceed through the verification process. Select Continue.

  4. Click Save.

Edit Your Business Name

  1. Go to Account & Settings in your online Dashboard.

  2. Click Business information > About my business on the left side of the page.

  3. Update your information and click Save.

If you have up to three locations, you have the option to apply your business name to all of your locations when updating your business name. Click Update when changing your business name to have the updated name reflect across your locations, or press Skip if you do not want to have the updated business name reflected at all locations.

If you have four locations or more on your Square account, you will need to update each location individually. You can edit each location’s business name from the Locations section in your Account & Settings tab.

Note: Your business name appears on your customers’ receipts and credit card statements.

Edit Your Account Owner’s Name

Square currently does not allow sellers to change the Account Owner’s name. We are working on a solution, and we regularly make improvements to our products based on seller feedback. Join the Seller Community to stay informed about new improvements.

Learn more about: Payment Processing

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