Track your cash sales and manage your cash drawer with the Square app on an iPad or Android tablet. 

Note: Cash drawer management isn't available for the app on smartphones.

Turn On Cash Drawer Management

  1. From the Square app, access your in-app menu by tapping the following icon in the navigation bar:Three Horizontal Lines
  2. Tap SettingsCash Management > toggle the switch next to Cash Management on.  
  3. Enter your default starting cash amount and select your report delivery preferences. 
    Settings, Cash management - Default starting cash, auto email report, recipientNote: Your cash management settings are stored locally on your device and not within the Square app. If you delete and reinstall the app, your cash management settings will be removed.

Use Cash Drawer Management

Start a Cash Drawer Session

After you start a cash drawer session, you’ll see the starting cash amount, cash sales, cash refunds, cash paid in/out, and the expected dollar amount in the drawer for the current session.

To start a drawer session: 

  1. From your in-app menu, tap Reports > Current Drawer.
  2. Tap Starting Cash to enter the starting cash dollar amount in your drawer.
  3. Tap Start Drawer  > Confirm Start Drawer. 
  4. Enter an optional drawer description.

To get back to accepting payments, tap the icon Three Horizontal Lines > then tap Register.

With Cash Management turned on, you can also start a new drawer session by entering a sale and tapping Charge from the payment screen. When the Start Drawer prompt appears, enter your starting cash amount > tap Start Drawer

Add a Description to a Cash Drawer

Add a drawer description to help identify your cash drawer during a session. 

  1. From your in-app menu, tap Reports > Current Drawer
  2. Tap Drawer Description and enter a description. 

Record Cash Paid In and Paid Out

With the Paid In/Out feature, you can record deposits and withdrawals from your cash drawer. Cash paid in and out appears in the drawer history on your device and your online Square Dashboard, with both the dollar amount and the description you've entered. 

To record cash paid in and out: 

  1. From your in-app menu, tap Reports > Current Drawer
  2. Tap Paid In/Out
    Current Drawer, Paid In/Out: Amount, Description, Paid in, Paid out
  3. Enter the dollar amount and a description. 
  4. Tap Paid In if you add cash, or Paid Out if you remove cash from the drawer. 
  5. Tap Confirm Paid In or Confirm Paid Out

End a Cash Drawer Session

  1. From your in-app menu, tap Reports > Current Drawer
  2. Tap End DrawerEnd Drawer - Description, starting cash, cash sales, refunds, paid in/out, expected, actual
  3. Enter the actual amount in the drawer, or keep this field blank.
  4. Tap End Drawer > Confirm End Drawer.

View Your Drawer History

From the Square app

  1. From your in-app menu, tap Reports > Drawer History.
  2. Tap the drawer you'd like to review.
  3. To email a cash drawer report, tap the envelope icon > enter an email address > Send.

If your device is connected to a supported receipt printer, you'll also see the option to print your cash drawer report. 

Because your cash management settings are stored locally on your device, you can only view drawer reports for cash drawer sessions completed on a specific device. To see all reports from every device signed into your account, head to your online Square Dashboard

Note: Drawers are listed in gray if the ending dollar amount hasn't been entered. You can tap on an incomplete drawer and enter an amount anytime. After a dollar amount is entered, it can't be edited. 

From the Online Square Dashboard

  1. Visit Cash Drawers on your online Square Dashboard.
  2. Click the date-selector tool to refine the date range you'd like to view. Note: To see a full calendar view, click the middle of the date-selector.
  3. Click the location-selector tool to filter your results by location.
  4. Click a drawer session from the list to view details. 

Note: Cash drawer reports can't be downloaded or exported from your online dashboard at this time. 

Manage Employee Access to Your Cash Drawer on an iPad

With Square's Employee Management, you can control your employees' access to your in-app cash drawer reports on an iPad, including those that are printed and emailed. With the permission View Expected Amount In Cash Drawer enabled, an employee or Guest Register Access user can view the following at the end of any cash drawer session:

  • Total cash sales
  • Total cash refunds
  • The expected cash amount in the drawer
  • The actual cash amount in the drawer

If this permission is not enabled, an employee won't have access to the information above.

Note: The permission View Expected Amount In Cash Drawer does not apply to auto-emailed cash drawer reports.

To modify this permission:

  1. Visit Employees in your online Square Dashboard and click Permission Groups.
  2. Click a permission group > check or uncheck the box next to View Expected Amount In Cash Drawer.
  3. Click Save.

Note: Employee Management must be enabled from the Square app on your iPad to use this feature. 

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