Track your cash sales and manage your cash drawer with the Square app on a tablet.

Note: Cash drawer management isn’t available on smartphones. Cash Drawer sessions are saved on your device and do not sync across devices or to the online Dashboard while in session. Cash Drawer reports are available in your online Dashboard once closed.

Before deleting and reinstalling the Square app, always close your Cash Drawer session.

Enable Cash Drawer Management

  1. From the Square app, access your in-app menu by tapping the following icon in the navigation bar: Three Horizontal Lines
  2. Tap Settings > Cash Management > toggle the switch next to Cash Management on.
  3. Enter your default starting cash amount and select your report delivery preferences.

Start a Cash Drawer Session

After you start a cash drawer session, you’ll see basic information on the current session, including starting cash amount, cash sales, cash refunds, cash paid in/out and the expected cash amount in the drawer.

  1. From your in-app menu, tap Reports > Current Drawer.
  2. Tap Starting Cash to enter the starting cash amount in your drawer.
  3. Tap Start Drawer > Confirm Start Drawer.
  4. Enter an optional drawer description.
  5. Go back to your register to start accepting sales.

With Cash Management enabled, you can also start a new drawer session by entering a sale and tapping Charge. When the Start Drawer prompt appears, enter your starting cash amount > tap Start Drawer.

Add a Description to a Cash Drawer

Add a drawer description to help identify your cash drawer during a session.

  1. From your in-app menu, tap Reports > Current Cash Drawer.
  2. Tap Drawer Description and enter a description.

Record Cash Paid In and Paid Out

With the Paid In/Out feature, you can record deposits and withdrawals from your cash drawer. Cash paid in and out appears in the drawer history on the iPad, with both the description you enter and the total amount in the drawer.

To record cash paid in and out:

  1. From your in-app menu, tap Reports > Current Drawer.
  2. Tap Paid In/Out.
  3. Enter the cash amount and a description.
  4. Tap Paid In if you add cash, or Paid Out if you remove cash from the drawer.
  5. Tap Confirm Paid In or Confirm Paid Out.

End a Cash Drawer Session

To end a drawer session:

  1. From your in-app menu, tap Reports > Current Drawer.
  2. Tap End Drawer.
  3. Enter the total amount in the physical drawer in the Actual in Drawer field, or keep this field blank.
  4. Tap End Drawer > Confirm End Drawer.

Review steps below for managing employee access to your cash drawer.

Auto-Email Report

You can opt to have a cash drawer report automatically sent to your email address when you end your drawer.

  1. From your in-app menu, tap Settings > Cash Management.
  2. Toggle on Auto-Email Report.
  3. Enter in your preferred email address.

Note: You are not required to enter in your primary Square email address. If you’d prefer, you can use an alternate email address to receive this report.

View Your Drawer History

To view your drawer history from the Square app:

  1. Tap Three Horizontal Lines
  2. Tap Reports > Drawer History.
  3. Tap the drawer you’d like to review.
    To email the report, tap the envelope icon.

If your device is connected to a supported receipt printer, you’ll also see the option to print your cash drawer report.

To view your drawer history online:

  1. Visit Cash Drawers in your online Square Dashboard.
  2. Click the date selector tool to set the dates you’d like to view.
  3. Click a drawer session from the list to view details.

Note: Cash drawer reports can’t be downloaded or exported from your online Dashboard at this time.

Manage Employee Access to Your Cash Drawer on an Tablet

With Employee Management, you can control your employees’ access to your in-app cash drawer reports on a tablets, including those that are printed and emailed. With the permission “View Expected Amount In Cash Drawer” enabled, an employee or Guest Access user can view the following at the end of any cash drawer session:

  • Total cash sales
  • Total cash refunds
  • The expected cash amount in the drawer
  • The actual cash amount in the drawer

If this permission is not enabled, an employee won’t have access to the information above.

Note: The permission “View Expected Amount In Cash Drawer” does not apply to auto-emailed cash drawer reports.

To modify this permission:

  1. Visit Employees in your online Square Dashboard and click Permission Groups.
  2. Click a permission group and check or uncheck the box next to View Expected Amount In Cash Drawer.
  3. Click Save.

Note: Employee Management must be enabled from the Square app on your tablet to use this feature.