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Create and Manage Your Sales Tax Settings

With Square, you can create and manage taxes from the Square app and online Dashboard. Square’s fees are taken out of the total amount of each transaction, including tax and tip. 

To track your taxable and non-taxable sales, visit your online Square Dashboard.

Create Item Sales Tax Online

  1. Visit Sales Taxes in your online Square Dashboard, then go to Items > Sales Tax

  2. Click Create Tax at the top-right of the page.

  3. Enter the tax information and make sure to toggle Enable Tax on. Note: You can choose to Add Tax to Item Price, which adds the tax as a separate line item to the price, or Include Tax in Item Price, which shows one amount – the combined sales tax and item price.

  4. Select the applicable locations.

  5. Click Save

  6. Apply the tax to your items > Apply to Items.

  7. Select individual items or click Select All > Apply to Items.

You can also adjust your taxes from the item level:

  1. Visit Items in your online Square Dashboard.

  2. Click on an item to bring up the item details page. Under Taxes > No Taxes or select the name you gave your tax.

  3. Enable tax rate(s) you’d like to apply.

Note: Taxes will automatically apply to sales where a custom amount is entered. To disable taxes for custom amounts visit your tax settings in the Square app.

Create Item Sales Tax from the App

With the Square app, you can create multiple tax rates and customize how tax is applied to your items. 

  1. From the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen, tap More.

  2. Tap Settings > Checkout > Taxes

  3. On a mobile device, tap the + icon in the top-right corner. On a tablet, tap Add a New Tax

  4. Enter the tax information and toggle on Enabled to automatically apply this tax at checkout. 

  5. Tap Applicable Items to choose which items this tax will automatically apply to. Toggle on Custom Amounts to apply this tax to amounts entered at the time of a sale.

  6. Tap the back arrow > Item Pricing. Select if this tax will be included in item prices or added to a price at the time of sale.

  7. Make sure to save your updates.

Edit Taxes at the Time of Sale

  1. From the Square app, tap Review Sale and tap an item.

  2. Under Taxes, toggle applicable tax rates on or off.

Note: From the Sale screen, you can also tap Tax to view all tax rates applied to the current sale. Tap the red minus icon to remove a tax rate from applicable items within the sale.

You can enable your employees to edit taxes at the time of a sale through your team permissions.

Disable Tax In-App

  1. From the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen, tap More.

  2. Tap Settings > Checkout > Taxes and select the tax you’d like to remove.

  3. Toggle off Enabled or tap Remove Tax to delete it. 

  4. Save your changes.

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