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Update Your Taxpayer Identification Number

To ensure accurate tax reporting for you or your business, and to prevent any IRS withholding, it is very important that you update your Square account to match IRS records. You can review or update the taxpayer identification information you provided to Square at any time directly from your Square Dashboard.

Update Your Taxpayer Information

Update Taxpayer Information

Follow the steps below to update your taxpayer information:

  1. Log in with the email and password associated with your Square account.

  2. Go to Account & Settings > Business information > Tax forms.

  3. Enter your taxpayer name and TIN exactly as it appears on file with the IRS in the first two boxes of the Taxpayer Information section.

  4. Click Save.

Note: If you have not yet entered your business’ taxpayer information, by default your Square account will be associated with your legal name and Social Security Number (SSN). If applicable: Replace your legal name with your business’ name and enter your EIN in the SSN ON FILE field to update. 

Updating Your Taxpayer Information - Troubleshooting

If you receive an error when updating your information, try the following to resolve the issue:

  • Enter your legal name instead of your business name. Please note that a Doing Business As or DBA is not a filing recognized by the IRS. Be sure to enter your full legal name, e.g., John D. Smith DBA “John Smith Enterprises” should be entered as “John D. Smith.”

  • If you recently married, try using your maiden name. 

  • If you have a sole proprietorship, try entering your legal name. Sole proprietorships are generally under the owner’s name vs. the business name.

  • Verify that you are entering information issued by a federal agency such as the IRS or SSA (Social Security Administration) and not a state agency.

If your taxpayer identification number needs to be updated for Square Payroll, you can read additional information on that process here.

If you have additional questions, please contact us