Create a Loyalty Program with Square

If you’re using the Square Point of Sale app and are designated as a business, you can subscribe to Square Loyalty and create a digital rewards program to recognize repeat customers. Loyalty stars can be applied to cash and card purchases. Your customers can sign up quickly and easily by entering their mobile number right in the register – and earn punches no matter how they pay.

Note: You’ll need to disable Skip Receipt Screen and Automatically Print Receipts in order to see the Loyalty screen at checkout.

Note: In order to create and manage a loyalty program, including viewing the Loyalty section of your Square Dashboard, employees will need the Manage Services permission enabled for their profile. Learn more about managing employees.

Note: To earn stars, customers must provide the same phone number for each payment method used at your business. A new profile will be created in your customer Directory if the customer uses a different phone number.

Set Up Your Loyalty Program

  1. Navigate to Loyalty in your online Square Dashboard.
  2. Click Create Your Program and set up your program, or click Actions > Edit if you’d like to update an existing program.

Choose how your customers earn a reward

Set a purchase minimum to define how customers can earn a reward:

  • By Visit: Reward stars based on a per-visit minimum. For example, $5 or more earns 1 star total per visit.
  • By Amount Spent: Reward stars based on the total amount spent before tax and tip. For example, 1 star per every $5 spent on a purchase.
  • By Item or Category: Reward stars based on purchasing a specific item or category. For example, a drip coffee earns 1 star, a latte earns 2 stars, and a sandwich earns 3 stars.

Note: Stars are calculated using the ticket’s contents, including when the purchase is split among multiple tenders.

Choose how your customers get rewarded

On the Reward screen, select how you’d like to reward your customers:

  • Discount on the Entire Sale: Set a fixed percentage or dollar discount for entire sale.
  • Discount on an Item or Category: Set a fixed percentage or dollar discount on specific items. For example, 20% off any Hot Beverage or 20% off a Latte.
  • Free Item: Select a specific free item. For example, Free Latte.

If you’re editing an existing program, customers will not lose previously-earned stars or rewards and will start to accrue stars based on the new rules. It’s your responsibility to inform customers of changes made to an existing Loyalty program.

Incentivize Customers to Provide Their Email Address

While Square Loyalty tracks your customers’ stars and rewards by their phone number, you can still collect their email address for use with Square Marketing.

When you enable the Collect Contacts feature in Square Loyalty, new customers will receive an SMS message offering an additional amount of stars in exchange for their email address. Customers who provide their email address are automatically added to the Reachable and Loyalty Participant groups in your Customer Directory.

To enable this feature:

  1. In the Incentivize ** tab > enable **Offer customers stars in return for their email addresses.
  2. Enter amount of stars being offered for email address.
  3. Click Next to continue with setup.

To enable this feature on an existing program:

  1. Head to the Loyalty tab in your online Square Dashboard.
  2. Click Actions > Edit.
  3. In the Incentivize tab > enable Offer customers stars in return for their email addresses.
  4. Enter amount of stars being offered for email address.
  5. Click Next to continue with setup > Save.

Email Customers An Invitation to Enroll After a Sale

If a customer visits your business and didn’t claim their star at checkout, Square will email them an invitation to enroll in your Loyalty program to claim their star after an eligible purchase.

To enable this feature for an existing Loyalty program:

  1. Head to the Loyalty tab in your online Square Dashboard.
  2. Click Actions > Edit.
  3. In the Incentivize step > toggle Email buyers a link to claim stars after a transaction.
  4. Click Next to continue with setup > Save.

If you’re setting up a Loyalty program for the first time, you’ll see the same option during the creation process under the Incentivize step.

Note: Enrollment invitation emails may take a few hours to reach your customer’s inbox after their purchase and will only be sent if they provided an email address for a digital receipt.

Review the Reward

  1. Enter a Reward Description: This description should match the reward being offered in your own words. For example, “Free Latte on Your Next Visit.”
  2. Click Next to continue with setup.

Select Locations

Select which locations you would like to have participate during program setup. Your customers will be able to earn stars and redeem rewards at any of your participating locations.

Note: If you’d like to offer a free item as a loyalty reward, you must select an item or category from each location’s Item Library in the reward field. This must be done to ensure coupons are redeemable across all business locations. Your customers won’t be able to redeem coupons at any locations that don’t have an item selected.

Rewards and Modifiers

If you select an item or category for a reward, any modifiers applied to that item will be included in the reward, and given the same discount. If you’d like to charge for modifiers applied to items that are part of a loyalty reward, follow these steps:

  1. When creating your loyalty program, select Partial Discount on an Item.
  2. Select the item(s) that qualify for the reward.
  3. Set a reward value equal to the item price before any modifiers are applied.

The reward will be deducted from the purchase total so that the item is free but the modifiers are not.

If you already have an active Square Loyalty program, existing customers will receive an SMS notification with the offer. New customers will be notified of the offer upon enrolling in your loyalty program.

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