If you’re using the Square app and are designated as a business, you can subscribe to Square Loyality for $20 per month, and create a punch card program to recognize repeat customers. Loyalty punches can be applied to cash and card purchases. 

Note: Customers do not accrue punches for purchases made through your online store. 

Set Up Your Loyalty Program

  1. Navigate to Loyalty in your online Square Dashboard
  2. Click Get Started and set up your program.
  3. Click Save.

Note: To earn punches, customers must provide the same email address or phone number for receipts for each payment completed with your business. Customers will create new punch cards if they provide a new phone number or email address for receipts. 

Offer an Item Reward

If you’re setting up a new Loyalty program:

  1. Navigate to Loyalty in your online Square Dashboard.
  2. Click Get Started and set up your program, or Edit if you’d like to update an existing one.
  3. Set a purchase minimum to define how customers can earn a reward.
  4. On the Reward screen, select Free Item or Partial Discount on an Item.

Rewards and Modifiers

If you select an item or category for a reward, any modifiers applied will be included. If you’d like to charge for modifiers applied to items that are part of a loyalty reward, follow these steps:

  1. When creating your loyalty program, select Partial Discount on an Item.
  2. Select the item(s) that qualify for the reward.
  3. Set a reward value equal to the item price before any modifiers are applied.

The reward will be deducted from the purchase total so that the item is free but the modifiers are not.

Promoting your Loyalty Program

Let your customers know about your Loyalty Program by:

  • Telling them at the register. To participate, all a customer needs to do is opt for a digital receipt.
  • Announcing your program with a marketing email
  • Sharing the details of your program with your followers via social media.

Redeeming Loyalty Rewards

To apply a reward to a sale in the Square app:

  1. Click Redeem Rewards in the Item Library.
  2. Enter the 6-digit coupon code from your customer’s reward email.
  3. If your customer doesn’t have their coupon code, click Search for Rewards to lookup the reward by email address or phone number.
  4. Click “apply reward”
  5. If the specific Reward Item is not in the cart, a notification will display and no discount will be applied to the sale.

Note: This feature is optimized for Square Register version 4.27 or higher on iOS and Andoid. Please be sure the Square app is up to date.

Loyalty Insights

You can also view insights about your loyalty program, including:

  • Number of enrolled customers
  • Number of rewards issued and redeemed
  • Distribution of punches
  • Transaction history with rewards
  • Reward lookup

You can also view the punches and rewards accrued for each contact in your Customer Directory by clicking on each contact’s name. Their stars and rewards will appear in their activity list.

Edit or Disable Your Loyalty Program

You can update your Loyalty program anytime with no affect on your customers’ existing, earned punches. If you disable your current rewards program, any outstanding punches will be lost and deleted.

To edit your rewards:

  1. Navigate to Loyalty of your online Square Dashboard. 
  2. Click Actions at the top left of the screen and click Edit or Delete from the menu.
  3. Confirm or save your changes.

Note: If you edit your program, all changes will apply to outstanding punch cards. For example, if a customer had three of five punches and you change to a ten punch program, they will now have three of ten punches. Please make sure your customers and cashiers understand the impact of these changes.

Loyalty for Multiple-Location Businesses

If your business has multiple locations, you can create a loyalty program that works at all of them. Your customers will be able to earn punches and redeem rewards at any of your locations.

To get started

  1. Sign in to your master account in your online Square Dashboard.
  2. Visit Loyalty.
  3. Set up your program details and click Save.

Note: If you’d like to offer a free item as a loyalty reward, you must select an item or category from each location’s Item Library in the reward field. This must be done to ensure coupons are redeemable across all business locations. Your customers wont be able to redeem coupons at any locations that don’t have an item selected.

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