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Fees and Payments FAQs

We put together a Square payments fees overview to help educate sellers on Square processing fees along with a list of corresponding FAQs about processing payments with Square.

Processing Fee Questions

Where can I see a breakdown of all the fees I’ve paid?

You’re able to view and download your sales summaries and fees from the Sales section of your online Square Dashboard.

Where can I see my free processing credit?

If you’ve referred, or have been referred by another business to use Square, you’ll see fee reimbursements reflected in your transfer summaries and in the Transactions tab on your online Square Dashboard or from the POS app.

To view the Transfer Report:

  • Visit Banking > Balance > Transfer Reports in your online Square Dashboard > select a transfer.
  • You’ll see fees reimbursed in the Free Processing row of the transfer summary.

To view in the Transactions tab:

  • Visit the Transactions tab on your online Square Dashboard or from the POS app.
  • You’ll see the total fees reflected in the summary section.

Note: If you’re using a mobile device to view the Transactions tab, use landscape orientation or view on desktop for best results.

You can also see how much free processing credits you have left under the Get Free Processing section of your Square Dashboard.

Learn more about the Square referral programme.

Payment Questions

What card brands and card types does Square accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, VPay and Maestro debit and credit cards. JCB, Discover and China Union Pay aren’t currently supported.

Why can’t I accept a payment yet?

Your account will not be fully activated to accept payments until we have completed your account verification, and you have linked a bank account to your Square account and the bank account has been verified.

Learn how to link and edit your bank account.

When will my money be transferred?

Your sales are transferred within 1-2 business days using our standard transfer schedule.

Check out your transfer options with Square.

Can I manually enter or key in a payment?

Yes, if the card isn’t present, your reader is out of battery, not working or the card is damaged and can’t be read, you can manually key in a payment in the Square app. Learn how to manually enter a payment card.

Card not present transactions have a higher fee than card present transactions due to the risk involved with accepting these types of card payments.

Can I process a refund?

Yes. Refunds processed through Square on a mobile device must be requested and completed within 120 days of the original transaction. Payments refunded via your online Square Dashboard can be refunded within one year of the original transaction date. Once this window has passed, you must issue refunds outside of Square.

Learn how to process refunds.

How do I delete an accidental payment?

While you aren’t able to delete any transactions that have been processed through Square, you can process a refund on any payment to keep your books in order.

I’m having trouble with my internet connection. Can I still accept card payments?

Yes. If your internet connection becomes interrupted or temporarily unavailable, enable Offline payments to accept credit card payments. The Square app securely stores the credit card details for 24 hours until the device is reconnected to the internet.

Why is my customer’s card declining?

Cards can be declined by the card-issuing bank or by Square if any information is entered incorrectly. Try these payment troubleshooting tips.

Why does my customer see a pending charge?

Incomplete payments may appear as pending on your customer’s card statement, but they’re not actual charges but simply Square verifying that funds are available, and should be removed from customer’s statement by their card-issuing bank within a few days.

How do I add a note to a payment?

You can add notes to items or custom amounts at the time of sale. The ability to add a note on a completed payment is unavailable.

How do I accept payments from my laptop or desktop?

You can accept card payments from your laptop or desktop computer in a couple different ways:

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