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Print Order Tickets

Connect a printer to your device to print order ticket stubs for customers, or send order tickets to your kitchen.

If you accept collection orders with the Square app on an iPad, you can also automatically print remote order tickets.

Enable Order Tickets and Order Ticket Stubs

Note: an order ticket will show all the details of an order (eg a salad item will list that it includes extra squash, extra tomato, extra dressing and no spinach). An order ticket stub will simply show that 1 salad is being ordered (with no details about what’s included in the salad).

Order tickets will automatically print after every sale, even if a customer receipt isn’t printed. This isn’t the case, however, if you print to external printers from Square Terminal.

Before you turn on Order Tickets, learn how to connect a printer to your:

note: for printing orders in a kitchen, we recommend the Star SP742ML impact printer, which is designed to handle the high-heat environment of a kitchen, and supports printing in both black and red. Impact printers don’t print receipts, only order tickets.

Once your printer is connected, follow the steps below to enable Order Tickets:

  1. from the main menu, tap ≡ More > Settings > Hardware > Printers.

  2. Select a printer and toggle on Order Tickets and/or Order Ticket Stubs.

  3. Select categories to print.

  4. Choose whether ticket numbers will be auto-assigned or manually entered.

This will keep your lines moving quickly, as you won’t have to manually add names to order tickets. You’re able to differentiate between new and existing orders as new orders will be highlighted grey in the Orders section of your online Square Dashboard and on your Point of Sale app.

To automatically print order tickets:

  1. from the main menu, tap ≡ More > Settings > Orders.

  2. Toggle on Automatically Print New Orders.

Reprint Order Tickets

You can reprint an order ticket from the Transactions tab or open ticket list.

To reprint from your transactions:

  1. from the main menu, tap Transactions.

  2. Locate the order you’d like to reprint > tap Reprint Ticket.

Note: for closed tickets, the option to reprint will only appear if the order is completed in the last 1 hour.

To reprint from your open tickets:

  1. select Tickets.

  2. Tap Edit.

  3. Select ticket to reprint > tap Reprint Ticket.

Printing to Multiple Printers

If you’re using multiple printers, you can also send specific items to a selected printer. For example, send drink orders directly to the printer located at your bar. When configuring your printers, make sure to select which item categories will print for each one.

To do so:

  1. from the main menu, tap Settings > Hardware > Printers > select your desired printer.

  2. Toggle on Order Tickets.

  3. Select either Enter Customer Number or Name or Auto-Assign Ticket Numbers.

  4. Choose the categories you’d like to print under ‘Include on Ticket’.

  5. Repeat on additional printers.

Print Single Items per Order Ticket

With the Square Point of Sale app on your iOS device, you can assign item categories to different printer stations, and print a single item per order ticket. This is useful if you need to send specific items to different prep stations or service counters to fulfil orders.

To get started, make sure to assign your items to specific categories. Once complete, you can assign categories to print at each station. To do so:

  1. from the main menu, tap Settings > Hardware > Printers.

  2. Under ‘Use this printer for’, go to either ‘In-Person Order Tickets’ or Online Order Tickets, and toggle on Use this printer for in-person order tickets or Use this printer for online order tickets respectively.

  3. Toggle on Single Item Per Ticket on if you want to print a single item per ticket. This is useful if you need to send specific items to different prep stations or service counters to fulfil orders.

  4. Select the category(s) you’d like to print at this printer station. Single-item printing will only apply to the categories you select.

  5. Tap Save.

Repeat these steps for each of your printer stations.

Note Compact tickets (saving printer paper) aren’t yet available in Order Manager.

You can also print single items per order ticket with orders received from your Square Online website via QR code ordering. Check out more on printing and managing online orders.

Group Items on Order Tickets

To customise your item grouping settings from the Square POS app, Square for Restaurants POS app or Square Retail POS app:

  1. tap ≡ More > Settings > Hardware > Printers.

  2. Tap the relevant printer station, then scroll down to ‘In-person order tickets’.

  3. Ensure Use printer for in-person order tickets is enabled, then toggle on Combine identical items. Items with the same details will then be automatically combined into one line item. 

If you toggle on ‘Single item per ticket’, this setting overrides grouping items and automatically prints each item, ungrouped, on its own ticket.

Note: the Combine identical items setting is toggled off by default for existing printer stations, but will be enabled by default for all new printer stations you create. Learn more about grouping items.

For grouped modifiers, line item modifiers also include a quantity. This information is displayed on printed order tickets and on the Orders tab on your Point of Sale. To view, tap ≡ More > Orders > select an order, and review the item information.

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