Square Online Sync

When you first set up your online store with Square, products in your Square Item Library will sync over to your Online Store Dashboard. After the initial set up, syncing will continue automatically in the background with some exceptions, as noted below.

What Syncs:

Item Details – Changes to item prices, SKUs, titles and descriptions all sync both ways. Note that you can disable item description sync if you’d like to use the rich text formatting in the item editor. You can turn of description sync in Settings > Square Sync > Settings on your Online Store Dashboard.

Primary Image – You can now sync the primary image for each item between your online store and Square Item Library. Image sync may already be active depending on when you started using your online store. If you signed up before the release of this feature, you can start using it now if you like. The option is in Settings > Square Sync > Settings on your Online Store Dashboard. Check out the article on Product Images for more details.

Item Variations and Modifiers – Items with variants or modifiers applied will sync the same as other items. You can add and edit modifiers or variants after an item has already synced and those changes will sync over to the item in your online store.

Stock – Inventory decreases automatically in your Square Dashboard when customers buy items from your online store. If you have multiple locations with stock, check Settings > Square Sync > Settings on your Online Store dashboard to see which location is being used to decrement inventory. You can also change to a different location. Learn more about managing stock here.

Deleted items – Deleting an item in your online store will also remove it from Square, so proceed with caution.
If you want to remove an item from your online store without deleting it from Square, make it unavailable instead. Simply edit the item and click the Unavailable button under the description field, then save. This will remove the item from your website so it can’t be purchased. If you change your mind later, you can set it back to available.

Sales and Orders – When customers purchase items from your website, the customer and order information syncs between Square and your online store, so you can view and access orders in both locations.

Business Locations - Location information from your Square account syncs to your Online Store settings.

What Doesn’t Sync:

Categories – The category information from your Square account does not continuously sync. However, categories can be imported one time from Square to your Online Store (and will need to be managed separately thereafter) from your Online Store dashboard > Items > Categories.

Coupons – Square discounts are different from the coupons in your online store, so they will not sync. Use the coupons in your online store to offer incentives to customers who purchase through your website.

Sale Price – This is also handled differently in Square, so sale prices you set on items in your online store only apply to purchases made on your website.

Tax and Delivery Settings – These will need to be set up in your Square Online Store dashboard. Learn more about shipping options and setting up taxes.

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