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Sell Alcohol with Square Online

If you’re selling physical items or food and beverage items, you may sell alcohol with Square Online if permitted by law in your area. Learn more about how you can sell alcohol online with Square Online below.

Note: Please see the Square Terms of Service for more details on what you can sell through Square. Local and national regulations on the sale and distribution of alcohol change often, and may vary at different levels. Be sure to stay updated on changes in your area and industry.

Before You Start Selling Alcohol Online

Before you start selling alcohol online, do some research to find out what is and is not permitted in your area. There may be additional licencing requirements or other restrictions related to selling alcohol online. If you have more questions, your local chamber of commerce may be able to help out.

Once you have all laws and regulations about the online sale of alcohol taken into account, you may start setting up your online alcohol sales with Square Online.

Alcohol Sales with In-House Delivery

While Square Online does offer an In-House Delivery option for local delivery, the legal requirements for delivery of alcoholic beverages vary from one area to another. With In-House Delivery, it is solely your responsibility to be aware of and comply with any local and national rules and regulations related to the delivery of alcohol. Learn more about In-House Delivery with Square Online.

Alcohol Sales In-Store and Click and Collect

You may offer in-store and click and collect for online sales of alcoholic beverages in accordance with your local laws and regulations. Learn more about in-store and click and collect with Square Online.

Alcohol Sales with Self-Serve Ordering

Note: Enable self-serve ordering by upgrading your Square Online site.

Take a look at the steps for setting up self-serve ordering with alcohol.

Set up alcohol with self-serve ordering

If you have self-serve ordering enabled for Square Online, you may serve items that contain alcohol after a customer orders from their table or chair. To set up alcohol with self-serve ordering:

  1. Toggle on whether you intend to serve alcohol, and set an optional maximum quantity of alcoholic items that can be placed per order.
  2. Select Save when finished.

Once alcohol is enabled for self-serve ordering, be sure to indicate which of your site items include alcohol to complete the setup.

Add items that contain alcohol in Square Online

After setting up self-serve ordering for alcohol, you’ll need to indicate the site items in your catalogue that contain alcohol. To add an item that contains alcohol in Square Online:

  1. From your Square Online Overview page, go to Items > Site Items.
  2. Select Create new item.
  3. Choose Physical or Prepared food and beverage from the Item Type menu.
  4. In the Fulfilment section, check that the item contains alcohol.
  5. Complete all other details and select Save when finished.

Age Verification for Online Sales

Although you can add age verification pop-ups to your website, Square Online does not have a legally compliant age verification feature.

It is your responsibility to verify the legal age of your buyers when selling any goods or services that are subject to age restrictions when selling alcohol for in-store and click and collect, in-house delivery or self-serve ordering.

Disclaimer: Nothing in this article constitutes legal advice. Consult a solicitor if you have questions about the sale and distribution of alcohol.

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