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Reintroducing Settings with Square for Restaurants


Settings within Square for Restaurants simplifies the process of setting up your account to best support your business, along with making ongoing management easy for you and your team. The Settings section offers customization and  improved features that aim to make running your business even easier.

To get started, locate Settings within your Restaurants app. 

  • On iOS devices, select Account > Settings.

  • On the Square Terminal home screen, select Show more apps. 

  • From the Square Register navigation menu, select Utilities > Settings.


The Settings page within Restaurants has search functionality, so you can easily locate different settings by searching for common keywords. For example, you can search “card readers” to open the section within Settings for adjusting your card readers.


Under the Checkout page in Settings, you can find general settings and information related to the checkout processes for Restaurants. Your Checkout section will look different depending on your device. 

  • On iOS, access dark theme, offline mode, and payment sounds.

  • On Square Terminal, access Payment Type settings, such as skipping payment type selection or an itemized cart.

  • Square Register does not have a Checkout section. 


The Hardware page in Settings is where you can connect and manage any compatible Square or third-party hardware needed to run your business, like printers, bar code scanners, cash drawers, or customer displays to connect compatible hardware.


Under Account in Settings, you can view the location where you are logged in and sign out. You can also view and edit your general business information, like the description of the location, your mobile business settings, the business address, your contact information, and your profile image.


View gross sales, top selling items, and quantities sold per category for a specific period of time or for the last week, the last month, the last three months, or the last year. On iOS, tap Account > View Sales Report. On Square Register, tap Utilities > View Sales Report.

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