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Reopen a bill with Square for Restaurants

Who is this article for?
This article is for team members or restaurant managers using Square for Restaurants with a Plus or Premium subscription.

Before you begin

You may have times during service when your team members or managers need to reopen a bill; for example, if the wrong tip amount was entered or if the waiter closed the wrong bill.

Reopening a bill in Square Restaurants POS allows you to remove a payment method so that the payment method is automatically removed and the original payment amount is refunded.

Make sure you have not run your close of day report or settled the transaction you’d like to reopen yet. You can only reopen bill before they have been settled. Additionally, you can only reopen a bill from the Square Restaurants POS.

Configure reopen bill settings

Before reopening a bill from Square Restaurants POS, make sure you have configured your bill behaviour in Square Dashboard.

  1. Log in to Square Dashboard, then click Settings > Device Management > Service settings > Reopen bills.

  2. Click Reopen and Remove Payment Method.

  3. Click Save.

Reopen a bill on Square Restaurants POS

  1. In Square Restaurants POS, tap Transactions.

  2. Select the bill you’d like to reopen.

  3. Tap Reopen cheque.

Next steps

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