Customise Square Invoices

You can customise the appearance of your invoices from your online Square Dashboard. Go to Invoices from the navigation bar, then tap Settings > Invoices.

Invoice Customisation with Templates

You can also customise your invoices with invoice templates or set a default template to use when creating a new invoice. Invoice templates automatically fill in your invoice information. With each unique template you create, you can:

Customise basic details

Add an invoice title and message that will be visible to your customer. You can also include an optional sale or service date to your invoices.

Save a default custom message

Add your terms of service, cancellation policy, return policy or any other personalised message to your customised invoice in the Message field of your invoice.

Choose your payment settings

Pick your default payment settings for your invoices, such as setting your accepted payment methods, using card on file with a Square Invoice and adding a tipping option.

Add item-level notes

Add your item, select Customise, and go to the Note section. Be sure to hit Save once you select your price point and taxes and add your note.

Share your invoice

Choose how you’ll send your invoice to your customers – via email or manually. You can also schedule payment reminders for your customer.

Add custom fields

With Invoices Plus, you can add a custom field – such as terms of service, cancellation policy, return policy or any other personalised message – to your invoice and choose its placement within the template.

To create additional templates that are customised to better suit your business needs, an Invoices Plus subscription is required.

Learn more about invoice templates.

Advanced Customisation for Invoices Plus Users

Once you’re subscribed to Invoices Plus, you will have access to additional customisation options. You may find these by clicking Customisation, which is located within Settings. Options here include:


Select the layout you’d like to apply to your invoice PDFs when printing or downloading an invoice.


Select which logo you’d like displayed on your invoices.

Content options

Customise the language that you use to talk to your customers about the work that you do. For example, tailor field names such as Quantity and Price to help better represent your line of business. These edits will apply to all of your invoices and estimates.

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