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Organise Your Menu with Square for Restaurants

Finding the best way to organise your menu setup may feel like a daunting task, but with Square, you can easily set up your displays and make edits on the fly to optimise your performance and optimise your efficiency for speed and efficiency for your staff.

Organise Your Layout

  • Menus are helpful for speed screens, seasonal menus, and meal periods. Store multiple menu setups for different dining services you might offer: Lunch, Dinner, Brunch, Counter Service. 

  • Add Display Groups to store items or add items directly to the home screen. Up to 32 of the small buttons may be added to the home screen. Adding Items directly to the home screen can improve efficiency and give your staff easy access to those top sellers.

Customise Your Tiles

Tile Size

Tile colour and size can be edited to create a pleasing aesthetic and a logical workflow:

  • Use tall or wide tiles to make buttons more accessible.

Use tall or wide tiles to make buttons more accessible.

Tile Colour

Avoid tiles of the same colour touching one another; this makes two separate buttons look like one big button:

Avoid tiles of the same color touching one another; this makes 2 separate buttons look like one big button

Tile Organisation

Use colours that might be associated with the items within the display groups (for example, Salads = green, Desserts = purple). Coordinate the tile sizes and arrangement to group similar things together. See the example below: All food categories are wide tiles grouped to one side or the other, and all drinks are tall tiles opposite them. Alphabetise the display groups, or put them in a logical order flow (appetizers first, then entrees, then desserts). Whatever makes sense for your individual restaurant!

Set Up Display Groups and Nested Display Groups

  • You can add items within a display group, or you can add sub-displays if you wish to further break down your items by type. For example: in a “Wine” display group you might have a subgroup of “red” and “white”, then group the wines by type in each nested display group. 

  • You can also add an item to multiple display groups. For example, the item “Side Salad” might appear in the "Salad" display group as well as the "Sides" display group.

Quickly Add Items to Display Groups

You can add items to display groups one at a time or in bulk. To do so:

  1. Click the + button. 

  2. Choose Existing Items, and you can add one item at a time, or add an entire category.

  3. Once the item tiles appear, change the size to make the button larger or use the A-Z button to alphabetise them.

  4. Manually drag and drop the tiles where you would like them to appear on the POS screen.

Customise Your Modifiers

Create Modifiers and Categories with Square for Restaurants, so you have more flexibility in customising the item and bill before checkout.

Apply modifiers to items in bulk

If you have a modifier set that applies to multiple items, you can apply it in bulk in the menu editor. Once a modifier is applied, it appears beneath the item name. To do so:

  1. Go to Items & orders > Menus from your online Square Dashboard.

  2. Click Add Modifiers, then choose your modifiers.

  3. Search and select items to which you are applying the modifier set. Apply a modifier set to a group to enable it for all group items.

  4. Select Apply to Items.

Set Up Auto Add to Bill

When creating an item in the Item Library or from the Menu page, there is the option to Automatically Add Item To Bill. This feature will allow the item to be added to the current sale with a single click to speed up the order entry process. If this setting is disabled, the item will stay on the screen until selecting Add to Bill.

A good example is when modifiers or notes are not needed (i.e. a pre-packaged item like a canned drink). If you disable Automatically Add Item to Bill, you will have the option to add notes or modifiers to the item when adding it to a sale. 

Note: Auto add to check will skip over modifiers that have been added to the item. If you need to use those modifiers, in the current sale, select the item > Edit.

Use Tile Functions for Fewer Taps

Dining Options, Calculator, and Bill Name and Notes are stored under the Actions tab in the Square for Restaurants app. Optimise your setup for speed and put commonly used functions directly on the home screen of your menu for easy access. This allows you to create a custom order flow, reminding your staff to apply all the necessary details to an order.

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