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Set Up Square for Restaurants mobile POS

Square for Restaurants mobile POS is currently available on Square Terminal with a built-in physical receipt printer and on Samsung Galaxy A13 5G with our pocketable Restaurant Mobile POS kit

Before you get started, ensure you're subscribed to Square for Restaurants Plus or Premium plans. You can sign up for a free 30-day trial to try out the mobile POS features.

Get Started

Select Square Terminal in the table below:

Square Terminal Restaurant Mobile POS kit
Walk through Software Update Instructions to use your existing Square Terminal with Restaurants mobile POS. Walk through Setup instructions for
Restaurants mobile POS kit for Android.

Note: Square for Restaurants mobile POS is not yet available on iOS or Android mobile devices other than Samsung Galaxy A13 5G.

If you need additional handheld devices for your team, visit the Square Shop to order more Square Terminals or the Restaurants Mobile POS kit for Android.

Learn more about pricing, available features, and getting set up with our Square for Restaurants Mobile POS Get Started Guide.

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